Catherine Deneuve: this terrible blackmail that forced Roger Vadim to cancel their marriage the day before the ceremony

This Thursday, April 14, France 3 offers a documentary on Catherine Deneuve during which she returns to the reasons for the cancellation of her marriage to Roger Vadim.

It was his first great love story. A story that should have been sealed by a marriage. But at the last moment, Catherine Deneuve and Roger Vadim gave up their union, as the documentary tells. Deneuve, Queen Catherine, broadcast this Thursday, April 14, on France 3. It was in the early 1960s that the young actress and the director met during a night at the Epic Club in Montparnasse. After being abandoned by Brigitte Bardot, the latter marries Danish actress Annette Stroyberg, with whom he has a daughter, Nathalie (born June 1958). Despite his rakish reputation, Catherine Deneuve moved in with him overnight. She was 17 years old. the 33. And everything seemed to work for them.

It was without counting this marriage project. This, however, had begun with the best auspices. As it was in Tahiti that Roger Vadim had imagined marrying his beautiful. “The fact is due both to pressure from Dorléac’s parents and to the press, which constantly reminds the actress that her partner married his two previous conquests.“, however, specifies the voiceover of the documentary. Many years later, the actress who recently uploaded the song to the stage said to life magazine : “Vadim and I were about to get married when the day before the ceremony – literally the day before – something happened in his family and the situation has changed. we don’t get married“. What forced to change the situation is none other than… Roger Vadim’s ex-wife.

This blackmail exercised by Roger Vadim’s ex-wife

Annette Stroyberg has exercised a terrible blackmail on the director, threatening him not to trust his daughter Nathalie anymore, as the documentary reports. Roger Vadim therefore backed down. “Catherine didn’t reproach me but I thinkshe never forgave me this failed marriage“, He confided later. At the time, his partner did not seem to be tainted by this unexpected turn. In the summer of 1963, the two lovebirds even gave birth to his son, christian. but hardly six months after this happy birth, the couple separated. In question ? The infidelity of Roger Vadim, whose intimate relationship he had with Jane Fonda, turned the tabloid press. “It is true that the separation from the father of my child is something very difficult. Actually, I left. I leave or at least had betrayed me, for me when it breaks, it breaks“he explained someone who has recently had an ischemic stroke, who soon after married photographer David Bailey. But that is another story…

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