do not consume this product, it is dangerous for your health, it is soy sauce

Pizzas, chocolates, cheeses and now soy sauce. In fact, in one month, many products were subject to mass recalls. In the case of soy sauce, the health authorities have alerted consumers to the presence of a concentration of a contaminant higher than the regulation in one of the ingredients of a soy sauce..

a series of reminders

Every day, food products are discarded rays because they present risks. The month of March, but also the month of April, were very numerous. First, Kinder chocolates were recalled due to bacteria in the products that can cause infections.

Then there were the Buitoni frozen pizzas as well as several cheeses made by the Lactalis group, due to suspicions of contamination with bacteria. The white sugar in pieces of the Top Budget brand that presents pieces of glasses, or the Monoprix dishes that contain “too high a cobalt rate”.

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These recalls have caused concern, not to mention the presence of bacteria in each of them.

Soy sauce mass recall

The massive recall also applies to soy sauce. According to the information, there would be a contaminant of 3 mcpd, while the product is already marketed throughout France.

Silverswan sauce is packaged in one liter bottles according to The lots affected by this recall are GTIN 79809001624 Lot 2022017483. The products were marketed between January 17 and is March 2022. May no longer be for sale.

However, for those who have already bought it or already have it on their shelves, the expiration date of soy sauce is August 16, 2023. If you are among those who bought it, do not consume the product. Take it to the store for your refund.

If you are unable to return the product to the store, you can also contact consumer service.

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A platform that is available online.

For easy recall, an online platform is available from April 2021. This is Reminder Conso. Thus, when professionals post withdrawals of marketed products, they are obliged to declare it in this space. Rappel Conso then lists detailed information sheets on each product in question.

More than 300 reminders every month

In the last year, 4,287 reminders have been registered on the Rappel Conso platform. On average, there are more than 300 reminders per month, for many reasons. In July 2021, there was a massive recall, especially of ice cream, related to the presence of ethylene oxide, identified in Europe since the fall of 2020.

The risks of recalled products

Source of The recalled products have a chemical. It is not all ! There is also the risk of contamination with listeria and salmonella, bacteria responsible for diseases. As such, these recalled products pose significant risks. And every month, at least thirty reminders occur. So stay alert!

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