Emma Smet, PSG’s best asset to stay with Kylian Mbappé?

If Kylian Mbappe’s professional future interests football fans, some are hoping his love life will weigh in on his decision to stay in Paris rather than move to Madrid.

Kylian Mbappé has become a world star and inevitably his every move is scrutinized, including his private life, which is the price to pay when one crosses a certain notoriety. we remember thatTwo years ago, it was said that the PSG star had a relationship with an ex of Neymar., which obviously made the tabloids cringe. But for several months it has been rumored that Kylian Mbappé would live the perfect love with Emma Smet, the daughter of David Hallyday and Estelle Lefébure, and therefore the granddaughter of Johnny Halliday. Kylian Mbappé and Emma Smet were photographed at the Parc des Princes while they were together and seemed very complicit, inevitably the rumor machine started. Last February, the 24-year-old was consulted for the first time about this possible romance with the French soccer player. And if Mbappé hits the mark, she had hit the nail on the head, specifying that photos should not be given importance. Of course, this possibly beautiful story could not stop there.

Emma Smet and Kylian Mbappé, only photos?

This week, the one who plays in particular in Tomorrow belongs to us and currently has a theatrical role in Philppe Lellouche’s play, the truth game, is the subject of a long portrait and an interview in the columns of the weekly Paris-Match. And inevitably, she did not escape a new question about the possibility that he was in a relationship with the world soccer star. ” We asked him about the rumored romance with Kylian Mbappé. She was waiting for him. Just friends, really? she sighs “Of course, but I say it and I repeat it: I don’t have to justify myself about the people I photograph myself with. “Asking one more question than that seems useless: “I want to reserve my private life (…) I have observed, learned well “Explains the Paris-Match journalist, who will not know more or at least will not say more.

Investigators 2.0, however, looked into the activities of Kylian Mbappe and Emma Smet on social media, and everyone jumped when the 2018 world champion liked a photo on Instagram of the youngster with her Valentine’s Day gift, a huge teddy bear. In any case, we will not know more at the moment, but on the side of the Paris Saint-Germain fans, we especially hope that if this relationship is serious, it will encourage Kylian Mbappé to extend his contract with the capital club so as not to live. too far from Emma Smet, which would be the case if he decided to go to Madrid. The soap opera will continue, therefore, with or without Emma Smet as a guest star, with Kylian Mbappé having full control of all his communication.

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