Everything begins here: what awaits you in episode 379 of Friday, April 15, 2022 [SPOILERS] – TV news series

In the next episode of “Everything Begins Here”… While Charlène faces a terrible dilemma, Stéphane celebrates his 50th birthday. Kelly and Tom make a discovery.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Here It All Begins airing tomorrow night on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t keep reading!

friday april 15 at Here it all begins


In the middle of the night, Marta runs to the cold room to free Théo and Célia. Unfortunately, it’s already too late because the two chef trainees are unconscious. A panicked Marta begs them to wake up, but to no avail. So she asks for help.

The next morning, the entire Teyssier family is in the hospital and the doctor informs them that Théo and Célia are out of danger. Despite the fact that they suffered from severe hypothermia, the nursing staff was in charge of gradually restoring their temperature to avoid irreversible damage. However, Dr. Lepaon prefers to keep them under observation to verify that their vital functions have not been altered.

As Constance wonders how they were able to lock them in this cold room, Teyssier reckons someone took care of it. In fact, he finds it strange that Marta delivered them in the middle of the night when no one knew they were there.

In the kitchen, the rumor that Marta had locked Theo and Célia in the cold room spread so widely among the students that Greg and Eliott refused to work with the one they now nicknamed “Mr Freeze”. When she tries to understand what is happening, Greg and Eliott openly accuse her of being at the origin of the tragedy that almost cost them their lives. As she raises her tone, Claire chimes in, then reminds them that they’re in a kitchen here, not a courtroom.

Meanwhile, Theo wakes up in the hospital to find Celia sound asleep in the next bed. Without waiting, he joins her and takes her tenderly in her arms. Happy to be alive, they kiss.

A few steps away, Constance and Emmanuel ask their daughter if Marta could have locked Marta and Theo in the cold room. Although Charlène cannot imagine her best friend putting their lives in danger, Teyssier asks her daughter to stop covering for her friend. To clear up this story once and for all, she tricks her into helping her brother by catching Marta.

Later, the whole family goes to Théo and Célia’s bed. When he finds out that it was Marta who saved them, Theo sees red. Thinking that her sister has helped her in this Machiavellian plan, he orders her to leave the place immediately. Charlene swears she had nothing to do with it, but her brother doesn’t believe her and asks her to leave. Teyssier sides with her son and tells her daughter that she knows what she has to do to resolve the situation.

Charlène finds Marta in the kitchen and urges her to tell the truth. Uncomfortable, the young woman ends up admitting that she was the one who locked up Theo and Célia. Feeling ashamed of what she has done, Marta begs her best friend to keep it a secret, then promises never to come after them again.

Unfortunately, Charlene is about to stab him in the back. In fact, she recorded her conversation on her mobile phone and played it back to her father and Antoine. Given the seriousness of the facts, Marta and Charlène will be summoned to the disciplinary council and risk exclusion.


Stéphane celebrates his fiftieth birthday today. To celebrate the occasion, the father of the family invites his children to lunch in double A. Although he is not swimming in gold, Stéphane orders the best bottle of champagne in the restaurant, as well as the most expensive dishes on the menu to entertain the whole the family.

Paying the bill, Lionel notices that the bill is particularly high. But that doesn’t worry Stéphane at all, he pays without flinching. While Lionel fears that his father will end up disqualified from banking, Stéphane tells him that he has won 1,000 euros with a scratch card. Therefore, he took this opportunity to spend some light and unique time with his children instead of settling some unpaid bills. In fact, Stéphane now wants to enjoy the present moment.


Arriving at the studio, the Easter Brigade are shocked to find that all the chocolate eggs have been destroyed. For Tom, only Hortense can be at the origin of this carnage. According to him, she took revenge on her because Mehdi wouldn’t let her work on the Galaxy Eggs. Worse yet, he figures she might have done this just to piss him off. After destroying her partner, she might as well have wanted to sabotage her work. If she admits that she doesn’t love him, Hortense nevertheless assures her that she would never have done such a thing to the squad. As she raises the tone, Mehdi defends his girlfriend from him and summons her team to get back to work.

Convinced of Hortense’s guilt, Tom would like to find a way to prove to Mehdi that she is the guilty one. He then gets the idea to follow her, hoping she ends up getting burned. Accompanied by Kelly, Tom goes to the conservatory where Hortense is caught making a video in which she admits to looting Easter chocolates to get back at her.

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