Garou lifts the veil on the end of his friendship with Celine Dion, “She didn’t understand”

Celine Dion and Garou represent an essential duo in the public mind. Their title “Sous le vent” marks their connection both in the minds of fans and in the minds of singers. Their bond was unique. And yes Objeko speaks here in the past tense is because in his interview for in apart, on Canal +, Garou knows that he has voluntarily put some distance between himself and the diva. Celine Dion might even have had reason to resent him. But you will see that deep down, no rancor deserves to remain between the two stars. His careers just took different routes. And they can only respect each other’s choices on this very personal point.

Thanks to the columns Gala and from this Canal+ video we will be able to retain the essence of Garou’s intervention. And in particular his secrets about his “broken” friendship with Celine Dion.

Garou and Celine Dion walked away on the rise

The diva had, and has, such an aura that she is capable of dragging her collaborators to the heights of glory. But, therefore, Garou was not one of those who could hold her hand for long. As he explains to Nathalie Levy in an interview, he preferred to walk around quietly and enjoy the scenery. Finally leaving Celine Dion to continue her rise without him. For that he had to put distances between her and him. And as our colleagues from the magazine point out GalaThe singer sometimes imagines that his former friend could have taken it very badly. Decidedly, as always in in aparté on Canal +, this Wednesday, April 13, marked the advent of new moving secrets from a guest of Nathalie Levy.

In fact, Garou didn’t change the subject or avoid the questions. He answered with that complete sincerity that is his. And his humility honors him as he evokes the possibility of having hurt Celine Dion’s feelings. Objeko do not hide from them that it is undoubtedly this detail of this interview that challenges our colleagues from Gala. After all, a Garou who imagines he hurt Celine Dion and recounts how she cut ties is unpublished ! So let’s thank our colleagues for this interest, but also Nathalie Levy for having conducted an excellent interview with Garou. Now that this is done, let’s dwell in more detail on the confidences of the singer from Quebec.

moving secrets

Thanks to Garou’s candor, Celine Dion fans will certainly appreciate this heartwarming interview. In fact, it is not as a betrayal that we should understand the distancing of the singers. Rather, it is a sign that the two temperaments of hers were simply not the same. And so they weren’t meant to collaborate for long. Because nothing and no one can stop Celine Dion’s rise to the heights of glory. While Garou was satisfied with the point of view he had reached by rubbing shoulders with the singer. The breaking of his friendship thus, it was a way for the singer to refuse to go higher and higher.

“Reviewing the ‘Sous le vent’ clip, I saw a beautiful analogy, very representative. Where Céline was the plane that lifts the glider. And she wanted to take me very, very high and then at one point I was almost the one who cut the rope to let me fly. She wanted to go down more than up. I didn’t want to be everywhere planet. There was a limit, I didn’t want to go higher. Not out of fear, but precisely I said to myself: ‘When you go above the clouds, there are times when it looks the same’. I prefer to go up and then down with the glider, the view is more beautiful. So, you arrive at the shore of a lake or on a lake, even better. »Garou detailed. However, he knows that he and Celine Dion will never lose what they shared together.

“We were very, very close to Céline, it’s true. So, I think she didn’t understand when I cut ties with them. Every time we meet, it’s magical, there are many things happening in our eyes. There was all this complicity, a real Connection. There were things he didn’t dare say to the others, but since we did the same job, we were two little diamonds in the rough from Quebec. She was trying to understand my vision, I was hers, so we had a unique bond. And I have the impression somewhere that I have betrayed something. But at the same time I know that she understands that I am still a wild animal. »concluded the singer on Celine Dion.

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