In Le Havre, Macron arrested for his absence in C8 and “Face à Baba”

POLITICS – C8 is no. Emmanuel Macron was arrested this Thursday, April 14, during a trip to Le Havre, for his (non) participation in the programs presented by cyril hanouna. Debates to which the main candidates for the presidential election lent themselves before the first round

“There is a very popular program, ‘Touche pas à mon poste’ and in particular ‘in front of slime‘… I would like to see you there and most young French people are into it,’ said a young man in the President candidate shaking his hand like You can see it below, before insisting: “Really, I think it would be interesting. We like to defend you, but we would also like you to come and defend your beautiful ideas for France.

According to C8 and marina Lepen, Emmanuel Macron refused to go to the program in question, which led to the cancellation of the participation of the leader of the National Rallythe respect of the time of use of the word obliges.

Macron’s selection

“Since Monday, many programs and interviews in the press have been canceled following Emmanuel Macron’s refusal to participate,” writes the far-right candidate, this Thursday, April 14, on social networks, saying “I regret the attitude of ( his) competitor who deprives the French of a free and open democratic debate.” Before, Jordan Bardella, president of the RN, already attacked a president who “refuses to debate, flees from the confrontation with his balance until the end” by declining the invitation of C8.

And the response of the interested party, this Wednesday, will probably not delight the fans of the channel, nor of the Le Pen camp. If part of Emmanuel Macron’s response is drowned out by the songs of his activists, the presidential candidate gets away with a vague: “I’ll try to do something. I’ll keep doing it, I already do it a lot as you know. Then he evokes an appearance on France 2 or his arrival on YouTuber Hugo Décrypte’s channel.

It is not the first time that the tenant of the Elysee has been riddled with bullets for his refusal to participate in certain key meetings of this campaign. For example, he avoided France 2’s “Élysée 2022” program, much to the chagrin of its journalists. “Mr. Macron, why do you reject France 2’s invitations?” asked the public service channel’s journalists’ society in an open letter, released on Monday, April 4, recalling that the head of state has so far participated in ” none”. of the many political meetings” of the 2.

The Le Pen evictions

Opposite, Marine Le Pen is embroiled in an even more virulent controversy for having denied access to journalists from Newspaper at their campaign events. A sequence that stood out often difficult relationships maintained with the press by the directors of the National Association.

Like the reporters of the TMC program, Mediapart journalists are not always accredited to meetings or press conferences of the candidate. In September 2019, the RN temporarily withdrew the accreditation of a journalist from Release to cover his summer university in Fréjus (Var), after the publication by the newspaper of a portrait of the RN mayor of the city. In Mayotte in December, the media Mayotte Weekly protested against Agrupación Nacional’s ban on one of its journalists from following Marine Le Pen’s campaign on the island.

Even today, the far-right leader has problems with France 2. According to information from the worldThe journalist Patrick Cohen was fired from the “Élysée 2022” program at the end of March, at the request of the candidate, when he was going to question her as well as the other Elysée candidates.

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