in Shanghai, almost completely confined to curb Covid-19 cases, evicted residents fight with police

The Shanghainese clashed with police who even forced them to give up their apartments to isolate people with positive coronavirus there, according to several videos released on Thursday, April 14, a sign of growing discontent with the inflexible anti-Covid policy.

China’s economic capital is currently facing its worst outbreak in two years. Almost all of the 25 million inhabitants have been confined since the beginning of April, with difficulties in accessing food.

Authorities are isolating people who test positive, even those who are asymptomatic, by placing them in quarantine centers. But with more than 20,000 new positive cases daily in recent days, they are struggling to keep up.

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“Hit People”

The videos, circulating on Chinese social media, show residents outside a residential complex, shouting at police with shields, wearing full protective suits and trying to push their way through the crowd. In the footage, police officers appear to arrest several protesters, while residents accuse law enforcement of “hit people”.

The images caused such outrage that Zhangjiang Group, the real estate developer of the residential complex, issued a statement about the incident. He claims that “The situation is now calm” after “Some tenants obstructed the construction” of a quarantine fence. Authorities had ordered 39 households to vacate their apartments. “in order to meet the needs of prevention” anti-Covid, the group said.

In a video broadcast live on the WeChat social network and recovered by Agence France-Presse, a crying woman declares:

“The Zhangjiang Group wants to make our residential complex a quarantine place and place people who are positive for the coronavirus there! »

The promoter claims to have offered compensation to the inhabitants and to have rehoused them in another wing of the same neighbourhood. Censors removed much of the online video of the incident. But these were still circulating among social media users on Friday.

exasperation of the inhabitants

The people of Shanghai seem increasingly exasperated by the difficulties of access to food and the forced isolation of positive people in quarantine centers with messy comfort and hygiene. The publication on the Internet of videos of pets violently slaughtered has also caused a scandal.

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Demonstrations are much less frequent in China than in the West, but they do happen regularly. Little publicized, they find an echo on the Internet, where the speed of dissemination of content often surprises the censors.

The Health Ministry reported more than 24,000 new positive cases in China on Friday, including more than 23,000 in Shanghai. Very high figures for the Asian country, which applies a zero Covid strategy.

This consists of several measures: confinement as soon as some cases appear, separation of people who have tested positive from the rest of the population, visas issued by drops, quarantine on arrival in the territory or even tracking of movements.

The Shanghai authorities do not seem to want to change their anti-Covid policy. For his part, Chinese President Xi Jinping warned on Wednesday that sanitary measures “can’t be relaxed”being the protection of the inhabitants against the coronavirus, according to him, the first priority, reported the official New China news agency.

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