“It is quite difficult to live with this transmission”, confess Fanny and Jérémy

They had no money left in their kitty and were fighting for honor. In the end, Fanny and Jérémy did not manage to cross the gates of victory to Beijing Express in first position, landing less than five minutes later Luke and Nicholas. But it matters little for the dreamy couple who say that if they had arrived before the Belgian brothers, they would have been allowed to validate their 100,000 euro kitten. “We don’t really like money because it can drive you crazy”, confide the lovers to 20 minutes.

At the start of the final sprint, you play for honor. Jeremy, you say on the screen that you really like her. Why ?

jeremy : We never applied thinking we were going there for the money. It was a bonus.

Cone : Afterwards, it doesn’t mean we don’t need the money, but that’s not what we made this game for.

jeremy : We were so excited during this adventure with the families, the race, the meeting of the couples…

Cone : I did things that I would never have done in real life. And for that alone, it’s a win for us. It’s not worse. If we had had a big potential win, we would have been even more stressed. The day before the final we were too stressed. Fighting for honor is the best thing to live for.

It took your stress away so…

jeremy : We really don’t like money because it can drive you crazy. I don’t know, it’s a bit unhealthy… For us the amulets did not represent money but the fact of continuing. In an adventure so human and so rich in emotions, one had the impression that money had no place. We live this final in the best conditions.

Unfortunately, you arrive shortly after the Belgian brothers…

Cone : We arrived about three minutes after them, it is the tightest final of Beijing Express. That’s why it’s as if we had won, we’re not an hour and a half late. They arrived before us, they were better, good for them. Anyway, we wanted to do something since they had 100,000 euros around their necks and we had zero. We wanted to come first in front of this flag but not cross it and let them win. We wanted to be the first for the image but they would have won because they had 100,000 euros to achieve it. It would have cost us a lot to look at ourselves in the mirror if we had had the opportunity to arrive before them and we would have stolen the victory.

Did the disappointment of defeat pass after the shooting?

Cone : I tell myself that we couldn’t have made a better final and I wouldn’t change a thing that happened. Lucas and Nicolás earned their money, so much the better for them, and we arrived three minutes behind, we deserve all the credit for this little delay. Basically, I wouldn’t have wanted to win, I would have had a bad time. Even with the reverse of earnings, I would have been embarrassed to make money. It’s weird to say, but that’s not why we made this game…

Did you consider it a peculiar pair?

jeremy : We have our universe, our way of thinking that is “first others and after us”. We do not have the spirit of competition, we have never faced him. We have always lived our lives in our corner, quiet, in our bubble. We get carried away by our feelings.

Cone : Afterwards, we have never done dirty to any couple. In episode 9, we’re a bit harsh on the brothers because they were harsh on us and have since apologized. There were minor tensions but we didn’t hurt anyone, we have values ​​and we respected each other.

Three weeks ago, Charlotte and Sarah confessed to me that you and they were in the minority. Do you also consider that strategy played an important role in this adventure?

Cone : It is true that we are not too strategic. We respect our values ​​in all cases. When we realized that there was a lot of strategy ahead, we felt a bit lost. We come to have a human adventure and when, on the contrary, we are anti-women in the final, the human side that we wanted to experience is missing. It bothered us a bit. But each one plays his game as he wants, there is no problem. We were just surprised and a little disappointed during the adventure.

jeremy : In the end, everyone was lovely to us. But when the fifth stage ends, Arlette and Caroline leave and the tension suddenly starts, we don’t know why. It is like this, we are among human beings with our defects and our qualities in a game in which we are not prepared to be shaken in all directions. Inevitably, there are things that stand out. But today, right now, in our room, trying to digest this adventure because this transmission is quite difficult to live, we love everyone.

Why do you say that broadcasting is quite difficult to live with?

Cone : What is difficult to live is that we do not control our own image. In episode 9, we are almost mean to the brothers. It may be things that we said to the camera, but the editing shows a bit of violence on my part and it’s terrible because I don’t recognize myself, I was shocked. So it’s hard to handle.

Has your life changed since Beijing Express ?

Cone : Our partner hasn’t changed. We are a bit more tired than before because between the game where we came home exhausted, and the broadcast where we didn’t sleep very well, we are exhausted! We need to rest, refocus on our daughters.

jeremy : In a few weeks, it will be digested. We already feel a bit older from this show, we are different anyway. She changed us a little humanly. Maybe we are even nicer to everyone (laughs).

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