Jeane Manson wins her lawsuit against Coline Berry-Rojtman: “I have regained my honor”

EXCLUSIVE TESTIMONY – After the conviction of her ex-stepdaughter who accused her of incest, the singer says she is immensely relieved but admits it, she will never be able to forget this nightmare.

This Thursday, April 14, Jeane Manson learned that the judges of the Aurillac Court had sentenced Berry–Rojtman Hill to a fine of 2,000 euros for defamation and 20,000 euros for damages to the former singer, as well as 5,000 euros in court costs for “false accusations of incest”. Then she let out much more than a cry of relief. “It is as if an immense weight has just fallen from my shoulders, she says. I have recovered my honor, as well as that of my family, deeply wounded by this story..

Fifteen months ago, Richard Berry’s daughter, Coline Berry-Rojtman, had initiated a process accusing him of having subjected her to sexual violence when she was a minor. After the moment of astonishment, the singer entrusted the file to Maître Jacques Verdier, her lawyer, and then went to work. In her eyes, there was no other way to continue living, or rather to survive morally. Thus, she wrote and composed songs, then locked herself in the studio to record them.

Between two confinements, he gave concerts and then rehearsed and performed, in France, with Popeck, a comedy entitled “Crocodile Tears”. “This period was, however, terribly difficult, she confesses Other than killing someone, I don’t know of a more horrible situation than the one I just experienced.”. On several occasions, in front of those who supported his accuser, he may have cracked. An inner strength of hers preserved her. “I told myself: ‘Believe in yourself and your honesty! If others doubt it, the worse for them. You have to know who to bet on.. It is my character and my origins have a lot to do with it. Don’t forget I’m American”. Some days, he had to investigate the case to gather the evidence that would allow the court to decide. Barely knowing Coline Berry-Rojtman for several decades, she began browsing the internet to learn more about the life and activities of her former daughter-in-law.

Then he had to collect supporting testimonials. Thus she got in touch with close friends, but also with the men who once shared his life. They all immediately responded positively, even offering to go support her in court, when the time came. This is Shirel, her daughter, but also richard berryPascale and Marie, the actor’s wife and sister, as well as producer André Djaoui went to Aurillac to testify in court, naturally taking the traditional oath.

On the way out, after a discussion that lasted twelve hours, Pascale Louange, Richard’s partner, found herself in front of Coline Berry-Rojtman and tried to advise her to calm down, responding with an insult, which in turn earned her the than in the eighteenth century. it was called bellows.

The newspaper The world, who had published the article implicating Jeane Manson, was released, in the name of press freedom. Coline Berry-Rojtman’s lawyer, Maître Karine Shebabo, immediately announced her intention to appeal.

The singer gives it little importance. On the other hand, she was deeply moved by the hundreds of congratulatory testimonials that have been sent to her, particularly through Facebook, since the verdict was made official. Her only goal now is to move on. “I lived a nightmare that I will try to forget,” he concludes. Although I am aware that I will never fully achieve it”.

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