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Jose Mourinho got there. After three failed attempts, Special One finally managed to beat the Norwegian team from Bodø/Glimt. In fact, AS Roma lost 6-1 on October 21 against their favorite in the group stage of the Europa League. In the second leg, La Louve conceded a 2–2 draw at home on 4 November. A few months later, the two teams met in the C3 quarterfinals. Once again, the Giallorossi broke their teeth by losing 2-1 in the first leg on 7 April. With their backs to the wall, the Roman club finally won yesterday 4-0 in the second leg.

Mourinho left with the match ball

A victory gained thanks to a goal from Abraham and a hat-trick from Zaniolo. But after the match, it was not the Italian who recovered the ball. Indeed, it was José Mourinho who went to get the ball as indicated ESPN (see tweet below). Happy and relieved to finally beat this tough opponent, the Special confided after the victory: “When a team doesn’t lose three games in a row, you can analyze why or lose your sense of reality. The first half was a disaster for us, but we played with 2 starters. We played the second game here at home against a team that wasn’t complete and it was a good draw for them.”.

He continued: “The last game they won 2-1 and maybe they thought that in the second leg it would be the same. The reality is that they won 6-1, won 2-1 and drew 2-2, good for them. But today we saw the reality and the reality is that Roma are far superior (…) Even after 2-1 in the first leg, I was confident. The merit was to focus only on the field. It is unacceptable to have beaten this team only in the fourth game, but we won the one that counted.”.

Presented to journalists

The former Chelsea manager then responded to criticism of his team’s style of play. “Playing well and winning is perfect, fantastic. You don’t like to play well and lose. I think we are playing much better than people say. I watched the match against Salernitana again at the office and we played very well. It is too easy to say that we play with the character, the mentality. Today there were no debates, we were the strongest. At halftime, I told the boys that it was not about humiliating, thinking about scoring 6 goals. It was about wanting to go to the semifinals.

The last Italian representative in the European Cup, the club from the capital has a mission for Mourinho. “Are we the only Italian club in Europe? Yes, and we are ready to carry the flag to the end.”. For this, the Wolf will have Nicolo Zaniolo. An element that the Portuguese ruminates. “Zaniol? He is a player who sells, he sells a lot (of newspapers). He plays, he doesn’t play, he’s injured. We talk too much about him. It would be better for us, for him, for Italian football, to leave him alone. Tomorrow it will be on the front page for a good reason.. Like Roma, who finally managed to beat that Bodø/Glimt team that gave José Mourinho so many headaches.

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