Kristofer, the teacher, forced to leave the set, the unlikely reason

Kristofer, the master phenomenon

Don’t forget the lyrics: one thing is for sure, Nagui probably didn’t expect to share the stage with such a character. The young Belgian who is a law student Anecdote is not lacking and his crazy attitude makes the host, the public and the viewers laugh at the same time. EITHERHe remembers the day he told Nagui that he had had the opportunity to run into… Patrick Bruel in the bathroom. But when he explains that his father wanted to take a picture with him when he came out of the bathroom, Nagui did not hide his embarrassment. This is ultimately the relationship between the two: Kristofer speaks and Nagui feels falsely embarrassed, or at least unsettled. It has been a long time since a candidate had so much took place on stage. Far be it from us to moan, then.

We also remember the end of the second show, when Kristofer performs Haut les mains (by the Ottawan group) and suddenly turns to Nagui intoning the words “I concluded that you are the love of my life”. Nagui does not hide his astonishment or his laughter as he is hilarious. But Kristofer continues: “At night I dream of you in my bed”still tackling the father of Nina, Adrien, Roxane and Annabel. An uneasy moment ensues as the host explains that he lives ” strangely this moment“. She understands it at that moment: with Kristofer she doesn’t get bored. But it is also the strength of the France 2 game, that of finding colorful candidates, but always benevolent, although not necessarily capable of being placed in a very specific box..

Kristofer suddenly leaves the set

Don’t forget the lyrics: As he is the teacher, he faces candidates every day who want to take his place. On Monday, April 11, it is Mylène who tries her luck and therefore she appears against Nagui and Kristofer. But the latter seems not to hold in place. He walks around, while his competitor of the day explains that he comes from the Var. A little annoyed by Kristofer’s behavior, Nagui, who doesn’t have his tongue in his pocket, interrupts his interview with Mylène to address the champion.. But always with humor: Excuse me, excuse me ten seconds. Do you have to pee Kristofer?«

If Nagui probably thought he was joking, he actually got it right. Kristofer really wants to take a bathroom break. ” Yes indeed! It is true ! Forgiveness ! he replies, embarrassed. What an annoyance Nagui did not expect it. But animator he is not a despot and obviously authorizes the candidate to relieve himself. This gives her time to continue getting to know Mylène, who sees this absence as an opportunity to become the new champion. ” Whoever goes hunting loses his place” she says, before Nagui completes this sentence with his usual humor: “That’s who goes to hell« .

Perhaps a hunting problem prevented Kristofer from returning to the set quickly as he was delayed. But it is as if nothing had happened that the candidate returned to the stage, ready to fight.

One of the best champions on the show.

Surely Nagui will have to get used to the eccentricity of the champion since he intends to mark the history of the game, he currently has a sum amazing in your kitty. ” €161,000! That means you are the 25th best of all teachers., tied with Julian », launches Nagui after his last victory. ” There it begins to be a little more comforting within the Master, because, for there to be 7 candidates who come to steal your place for this summer, there are already fewer chances “.

Don’t forget the words: In fact, by beating Mylène (after her bathroom emergency, therefore), the young paste the threshold of 131,000 euros. Enough to allow him to join Virginie in 32nd place in the ranking of the greatest Masters and to be able to participate in the famous Masters.

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