Lidl dethrones Zara and H&M with a floral dress perfect for spring! 9 euros only.

The German brand Lidl never ceases to surprise us with its new trendy and low-cost clothing brand, Esmara.

If Lidl has become essential in everyday life, especially in accessories for the home such as this handheld vacuum cleaner or this hanging chair for cats, it is with its clothing brand that the discount store intends to seduce French. Thus, Lidl sells a flower dress for less than 9 euros. It’s in viscose environmental friendlycertified by the EcoVero label, it is affordable and will enhance all silhouettes.

Lidl is selling a floral dress that would make H&M and Zara swoon

Flower dress

In two colours: bright red and sky blue, the flattering long dress will be ideal for spring and summer. it will happen gracefully the summer season. As for the sizes, there are for all morphologies, so you will find your happiness from 36 to 48. Once you have fallen lovedall you have to do is figure out what to wear with this floral dress from Lidl.

Lidl fashion dress

In spring, the legs break free from jogging and other winter tweed pants. If the locker room will continue to be honored this year like the one proposed by ZaraDresses will always be a wardrobe staple.

With this floral dress from Lidl, it’s all about choosing the right accessory. So a jacket cowboy to shelter you from cold mornings and sneakers, like Converse for a slightly original look, will be perfect to complete your outfit.

For the night, change your denim jacket for a black biker and mules with colored heels. Sure. To complete the look, opt for a Coperni bag for less than €30, which is a hit with fashionistas around the world. whole world. so ready for surprise you in your next exit?

Lidl cheese with a unique flavor that will surprise you.

fromages lidl

If you are a cheese lover, you have surely tried some of the specialties sold at Lidl, knowing that in recent years these supermarkets seem to have good cheeses that have also won awards international. It is precisely one of those cheeses that was recently awarded at the World Cheese Awards and now you have the opportunity to try it. Discover Lidl’s cheese with a unique flavor that you can’t stop trying because it will surprise you and it is also offered at an irresistible price.

lidl bronze medal cheese

It’s during the World Cheese Awards 2021 that this cheese, which now stands out among Lidl’s offerings, has been crowned with a bronze medal.


Quite a feat for a very special cheese particular and surprising, little known, but that you should definitely try because its flavor will drive you crazy.

From Lidl

It is specifically cured cheese with cava. Don’t get me wrong, it is not a cheese submerged in cava, the sparkling one with which we all toast on occasions such as birthdays or Christmas. It is a type of cheese that matures in cellars, that is, in the cellar or the space in which it is preserved barrels or barrels of wine.

A very particular production method that, although it can be found in specialties from well-known brands such as García Baquero, has also been used to make this Lidl cheese which, as we have said, has already won a bronze medal.


This cheese is originally from Ciudad Real and Zamora and combines milk cow (65%), goat milk (10%) and sheep milk (19%). It is a cheese with an intense flavor thanks to its maturation of four months in the cellar. Indeed, even before tasting it and as soon as it is opened, we already notice certain moist notes on the nose, mixed with scents of moss and fungus.

A cheese that can be perfect as a starter or as an aperitif without anything else, although you will taste it much more if you accompany it with a glass of red wine.

What are you waiting for ? Do not delay in getting your hands on one of the best cheeses, available in all Lidl stores and on its website. It is sold in wedges of 100 grams and its price is only 1.09 euros because it is offered with more than 30% discount.

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