OM saves France in the UEFA index!

There is only one French representative left in the European Cups. After winning the first leg (2-1), OM confirmed their qualification for the semifinals of the Europa League Conference by beating PAOK 1-0. The Olympians will meet the Dutch from Feyenoord and will try to raise the UEFA tricolor index a little more. This duel will also be of special importance since the Netherlands is 2nd, just ahead of our country. You also have to look in the rear view mirror because Spain comes back strong from behind.

What’s next after this announcement?

The gap has even narrowed. La Liga managed to qualify two clubs into the Champions League quarter-finals, Villarral and Real Madrid, where Ligue 1 saw OL eliminated in the Europa League quarter-finals by West Ham. There are now 0.53 points between the two championships and unfortunately this risks moving in favor of the Spanish at the end of the season. Whatever happens in the next few weeks, this exercise will have been very productive for our representatives, who achieved their best total in a long time.

A great vintage for the L1

And as this UEFA coefficient ranking is calculated over the last 5 seasons, it bodes well for the future, in particular the reform of the Champions League that should come into force at the start of the 2024/2025 season and in the which is very important to maintain its place in the European top 5. France is for the moment firmly linked to him, having more than 6 points of advantage over Portugal, his main competitor.

For the remainder of this season’s standings, England, with 4 teams still in contention, stole first place from the Batavians, even taking a good lead. They could still widen the gap to their pursuers in the overall standings, notably Spain and Germany, who only have two clubs left to qualify for this season. Italy is a little further behind with a sixth place for this fiscal year 2021/2022 and should stay that way, unless Roma win C4.

Ranking of nations with the UEFA coefficient for the 2021/22 season (in parentheses, the number of clubs remaining in competition and the number of clubs qualified this season for European competitions) as of 04/15/2022:

-one. England 19,857 points (4/7)

-two. Netherlands 18,400 points (1/5)

-3. France 18,250 points (1/6)

-4. Spain 17,714 points (2/7)

-5. Germany 15,071 points (2/7)

-6. Italy 14,857 points (1/7)

-7. Portugal 12,916 points (0/6)

-8. Austria 10,400 points (0/5)

-9. Serbia 9,500 points (0/4)

-10. Greece 8,000 points (0/4)

Ranking of nations by UEFA coefficient in the last five seasons (between 2017 and 2022):

-one. England 105,498 points

-two. Spain 95,427 points

-3. Italy 76,045 points

-4. Germany 74,070 points

-5. France 59,915 points

-6. Portugal 53,382 points

-7. Netherlands 48,500 points

-8. Austria 38,850 points

-9. Scotland 36,100 points

-10. Russia 34,482 points

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