Ophélie Winter in a worrying state, the photos that defy!

Is Ophélie Winter not feeling well? New photos of the star have just been revealed, her state of health seems worrying.

On her Instagram account, Ophélie Winter notably posted behind the scenes. As promised, I’ll take you behind the scenes of the magical world of my beloved little brother @jdoreofficial at @accor_arena! He gave me the joy of entering his world and singing with God who gave me faith, 25 years later!

It was in this room that I took my first steps on television! Crazy emotion, I’m fully recharged, thanks to the audience in the room and their many messages! See you soon for the rest, I am preparing many surprises for you. Get ready!

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Ophélie Winter in a worrying state

A publication that generated strong reactions. Under the spell, netizens commented: So good to see you in great shape! happy for you, always so beautiful and fashionable. So many messages that 100% validate his return to the stage. However, the latest news from Closer magazine is not good.

Indeed, in the theme of this Friday, April 15 2022, Ophélie Winter appears with a crutch in her hand and gaunt features. A new worrying state according to our peers who explain that the former teen idol has many problems walk, he shudders, between pain and exhaustion. And to add:

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During a short shopping spree at a natural cosmetics store, she limps and complains. What’s going on ? At the moment, no additional information has been transmitted. One thing is certain, it already seems to be doing much better. To be continue.

Why is Ophelie Winter a fashion icon?

Legend of 90s pop music, this dented urban angel marked his time with vibes, anglicisms but above all innovative looks. Ophélie Winter revolutionized the style of the 90s, it’s a fact. However, she is still little considered an icon of the mode. It’s time to do him justice.

If the 90’s pop culture on France it had to be embodied by a single person, Ophelie Winter would surely be the Marianne, baggy version and backwards cap. She is the daughter of Dutch singer David Alexander Winter, Ophélie Winter quickly understood that her destiny would be fabulous. She at first imagined him on the catwalks and in front of the flashes of the photographers.

But finally it was on the small screen and with a microphone in hand that he had immense success. She was the youth ambassador of the 90’s, hosting the Hit Machine or Dance Machine club. Ophélie Winter embodied a new impulse during this decade open to the world. she was already one star absolute, stealing the show from some nerdy presenters who didn’t understand the challenges of this new generation.

The American influence is increasingly palpable and the host immerses himself in this urban culture. So much so that it will feed on it to produce its own music.

Worrying state of Ophelie Winter

Yes, Ophélie is a singer and, in 1995, she released God gave me faith. Boom!

The winter bomb has just exploded and is destroying everything in its path. While the music industry was then dominated by celine dion and Elton John, Ophelie Winter comes in and puts a platform hit on those slick charts. She imposed a style. Old fashioned, you said? She thinks again.


But, how to define the Ophelia Winter style? You could also ask the director in question. Exclusively for ELLE, the star returned to the fashion that contributed to her success. According to her, her look was urban, feminine. We called her “flying girl” in the ’90s, she recalls. And indeed, it is impossible to dissociate the singer’s music from her clothing.

She, who was so influenced by hip-hop and R&B from USA to create his soul, jack swing and funk sounds, he wants to be one with the image he returns. Sometimes high-waisted pants, sometimes an ultra-wide flannel shirt, or even a muppet hat (those famous fur hats). Ophelie Winter is the medium of street fashion in France.

She wants to care what you talk to her: I was inspired by what I saw on Melrose Street (in The Angels, Note). It is a street where there are many fashion stores, it looks very strong. it’s like him Fashion Week all year round there, explains the 48-year-old artist. Thus he got the idea for the famous original heels that he wears in the Shame on You clip.

If the base of the ideas comes from Ophélie Winter herself, the beautiful blonde also surrounds herself with a team of avant-garde stylists who can only count on her creativity. It is not about copying her gaze on another person: in France, only she can wear what she wears. I had several stylists. I remember one of them who was great but completely crazy. She found coinshe tore them up, turned them upside down, personalized them.

Ophelie winter year 90

Ophélie Winter told me every time that I had to look like a unique piece. She would take a sweatshirt and make me put on the legs on the sleeves. And with that, he made me baggy with a big belt, sort of like the Pussycat Dolls’ ‘Don’t Cha’ music video. The polyvalent was showered with success throughout the 90s: platinum record, Victoire de la Musique, film roles.

Everything he touched turned to gold. and then the time Approve, fashion is changing. The 2000s arrived and the singer transformed her style a bit. Ophélie Winter becomes a bit more pop, as does her music. In the 2000s, she also worked with William Carnimolla, former presenter of Belle tout nue on M6. He was more focused on sportswear brands.

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She dressed me in Adidas joggers that she cinched at the bottom with biker darts and paired with lace-up high heels. But fads come and go. The Ophélie Winter phenomenon ran out of steam in the mid-2000s. Her style of dress also became the subject of ridicule. But what human stupidity! Twenty-five years later, Ophélie Winter’s silhouette is copied everywhere.

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