Seine-Saint-Denis: a check for 100 euros to families to encourage university students to play sports

The cost of joining a football club and a pair of boots. This Thursday morning, the departmental council of Seine-Saint-Denis voted to grant financial aid to sports practice for high school students. For an amount of 100 euros and reserved for students enrolled in 5th ESO, it will be effective from the beginning of the school year. 19,000 students from the department’s 130 public universities will be able to take advantage of this “sports pass 5th” (PS5), without entry condition.

As registration takes place mainly in the fall, the platform that gives access to the system will open this summer and will close on December 10. The departmental council wanted to “support and help” the sports clubs and associations of 1993, “barely tested by the covid-19 crisis. The drop in the enrollment of young people from 11 to 16 years old between 2019 and 2021 stands out: -10% of football graduates, -22% in gymnastics, -42% in judo… The number of university students enrolled in the UNSS (National Sports Union School) also went from 20,000 to 16,000 (-22%).

“This is a very important measure because it directly affects the health of children”, also recalled Zaïnaba Saïd-Anzum, adviser (PS) in charge of sports. The health crisis has caused a disorganization of social activities, in which sports practice has taken the worst part. Inactivity and sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of being out of shape or overweight. »

More generally, the community realized that there was a significant drop in sports enrollment at the age of 12. “We want the 5th class no longer to mark an erosion of practice but, on the contrary, its rebound”, expects the adviser.

The right wanted help for private students.

The deliberation was adopted unanimously despite some comments from the right. Yes Karine Franclet (UDI) he spoke of an “action that goes in the right direction”, he wanted the system to be extended to all levels, from 6th to 3rd. “Otherwise, the beneficiaries could be forced to abandon their practice due to lack of family funding”, warned the mayor of Aubervilliers. He also pointed out, like LR leader Philippe Dallier, the importance of controlling the use of these aids.

The right also wondered about the absence of such a measure for private students. “It is a position that we cannot understand, since these establishments are under contract with the State, university students should be able to benefit from aid”, insisted Philippe Dallier.

A debate settled in court… in 2015

The President (PS), Stéphane Troussel, recalled that this debate was already resolved in court in 2015 when the success check was introduced for sixth graders. Hervé Chevreau, councilor (SE) and mayor of Epinay, had attacked him in the administrative court (TA), considering that by excluding private students, the department was discriminating. The TA had coincided with the community. “Our public schools are sometimes criticized, continued Stéphane Troussel. And we suppose to reserve these optional aids for them. We believe that the children of the Republic must grow and succeed together because it is the best way to ensure the cohesion of our society. »

Regarding the expansion to 6th, 4th and 3rd year students, the president recalled his budget limitations: “We have 85,000 high school students, so the more we expand the age ranges, the larger the sum. He also indicated that in the fight against possible fraud, the priority will be “to have the highest appeal rate” for this pass, such as the success of the success check that is now used by between 85 and 90% of 6th graders, compared to about 50% when it was created. “But if fraud is observed, as it has been in the past, we will find a way to prevent it,” he warned.

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