The amount of MaPrimeRénov increases by 1,000 euros, to be able to change your gas or diesel boiler

The aid for the energy renovation of your home, called MaPrimeRénov, increases this Friday by 1,000 euros. Specifically, it is an impulse to change your gas or diesel boiler and switch to renewable energies. But it is subject to income conditions.

Who can get this help?

In order to receive this aid, you must replace your fossil fuel boiler with a heat pump or a biomass boiler, for example. But this aid is variable depending on income, and the extension of 1,000 euros only affects the three first home rankingsthose who receive the equivalent or less than 29,148 euros for a single person in the region, and 38,184 euros for a single person in Ile-de-France, specifies The world. For a couple, for example, this bonus is for those who receive the equivalent or less than 56,130 in Ile-de-France, and 42,848 euros in the region.

To make a request, you must go to the sites either

An increase as part of the resilience plan

This increase was announced by the Ministry of Ecological Transition on March 16, as part of of the resilience plan, in the face of rising energy prices.

“Thus, for the most modest households it will be even more advantageous to choose a heat pump or a biomass boiler and do without gas: they will be able to obtain up to 9,000 euros in aid (MaPrimeRénov and Energy Saving Certificates) against 8,000 euros before”indicated in a press release the Ministries of Ecological Transition and Housing.

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At the same time, aid for the installation of gas boilers will be abolished on January 1, 2023, the Government also announced. Until now, the installation of a very high energy efficiency gas boiler could benefit from aid of up to 1,200 euros for the most modest households.

Pay attention to the poll

Jean-Yves Mano, president of Consumption housing, living environment (CLCV), a consumer association, gave his advice on franceinfo to avoid possible scams in the work of saving energy. For example, he warns against recruiting phone companies that offer to do this work: “There are a number of minimum precautions to take. First of all, do not hastily sign an estimate after a consultation, in addition, telephone consultation on energy saving is prohibited,” remember.

And the scams can be multiple, remember the specialist, on prices, materials used, quality of work… He implies “big companies that subcontract, that subcontract, that subcontract to do the work and in the end you don’t have the quality”he says.

Caution should also be exercised at trade fairs and exhibitions specializing in the subject, where the practices of certain professionals may be questionable, says Jean-Yves Mano: “It is a site of absolute scams in energy saving work. We make you sign budgets of up to 30,000 euros without going to your house”he says.

He recommends getting information to get started with one of France Rénov’s 450 agencies. Or by calling 08 08 800 700, the National Housing Agency can provide the list of craftsmen labeled RGE (Recognized Guarantor of the Environment).

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