these 3 star signs absolutely must play

53, 77…and now 99 million euros. Every week the jackpoteuromillions It continues to evolve and awakens in us the desire to try our luck. After all, when you imagine what you can do with almost 100 million euros, our heads are already spinning. Become the owner of the house of our dreams, travel the world until you are thirsty, no longer worry about the end of the month, buy (finally) this luxury bag that we have wanted to wear since our tender adolescence… If it is clear that money does not buy happiness, it is still a great push in the day to day. This week Lottery put on the table nothing less than 99 million euros. We invite you to discover in this article the three signs of the zodiac that, according to the star map, should not wait any longer to play.


So you, dear Cancerians, can safely say that you have gold on your hands right now. Last week, you were already among the three luckiest signs. And the horseshoe is still following you this week. For many, it’s all about being successful right now. An exam passed with flying colors, a brilliantly signed contract (CDI, CDD, etc.), a romantic encounter… Don’t rest on your laurels and continue with this positive streak: who knows, EuroMillions may be the icing on the cake. the cake the cake this Friday.


With you, Virgos, either everything goes very well or it’s monotonous. But this week, luck does not leave you on one foot, even if you continue to think that nothing is going well. At work you are rigorous, and despite your fatigue you continue to draw from your energy the good of those around you, and thanks to your mental health. A determination to repair the broken pots that we advise you to benefit from Euromillions this week.


Your little heart is broken, isn’t it? A breakup, a friend who has left permanently, a family or professional trifle… impossible for you to hold back your tears this week. But learn one thing: Breakup, regardless of your field, is a symbolic life stage to go through. It is also a positive moment in life: it allows you, for example, to focus on projects that you really love and that, until then, were drowned in a toxic relationship. You end a cycle to start a new one. Try the Euromillions, because we always have better luck in the transition phases.

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