Ukraine accuses Moscow of bombing border towns on the Russian side to justify a new coup

Is Russia in the process of mounting manipulation operations on its border in order to justify strikes in ukraineas the kyiv government suggests?

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On Thursday, April 14, 2022, Moscow accused the Ukrainian army of having bombed several border towns on the Russian side. Immediate denial by the Ukrainian side, where it is stated that it is the Russian secret services that are carrying out “terrorist attacks” in the border region, in particular in the town of Klimovo, to feed “anti-Ukrainian hysteria”.

Problem: these military operations denounced by Moscow are located in the “grey zone” of the border, areas prohibited to foreign journalists, where no independent source can, therefore, confirm whether what the Russian authorities say is true. According to the PSB, the security services and a regional governor, kyiv carried out three attacks on villages on the border, including one with two helicopters described as heavily armed. Moscow says there were injuries, but none were seen. The only evidence presented are some images released by the official agency. RIA Novosti where we see impacts on the wall of a house and a wooden cabin.

Even before the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine, Moscow had already accused the Ukrainian army of bombing its territory, which kyiv has always denied. But these repeated accusations raise fears of a new escalation: today, Moscow seems to want to base itself on these real or supposed facts to threaten kyiv with bombings of official buildings such as the army headquarters, which the Russians say they have wanted to avoid until now. .

These new threats also occur in a particular context for the Kremlin since the Moskva sank. This Russian flagship of the Black Sea Fleet, a 186-meter long missile cruiser, sank on Thursday, April 14, 2022 during a towing operation.

War in Ukraine: Russian flagship Moskva seriously damaged (FRANCE 2)

It was obviously too damaged to sail in rough seas. According to Moscow, it was a fire on board after the explosion of ammunition. According to kyiv, she was hit by two missile strikes. So there can be no retaliation, at least here again officially, so it’s an accident.

However, the loss of the cruiser is military and symbolically heavy for Moscow, which has announced for several days that their efforts would henceforth be concentrated in the Donbass. It is possible that Vladimir Putin will launch a new major offensive in eastern Ukraine to consolidate and increase his territorial gains. A threat taken seriously by the CIA:me US intelligence agency chief Bill Burns warns of the risk posed by these various military setbacks, which could prompt the Kremlin to resort to a low-yield or tactical nuclear weapon.

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