War in Ukraine: Russia warns US of ‘unforeseeable consequences’ if military aid continues

An official note from Russian diplomacy has been sent to the US administration as the United States prepares to send an additional $800 million military aid package to Ukraine. The Washington Post revealed the existence of this note this week.

Russia formally protested this week against US arms shipments to Ukraine, sending a diplomatic note to the State Department and warning of “unforeseeable consequences” if the support continued, according to two US administration officials and another source familiar with the document.

A new arms shipment is supposed to be transferred to Ukraine in a few days, following an urgent appeal made by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to Joe Biden. A tense situation amid a shifting strategy with Russian forces mobilizing for a major assault in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine and along the Russian-occupied coastal strip of Crimea to the south. Russian troops have withdrawn from much of the country’s north, including around the capital kyiv.

US officials told CNN that Russia has formally protested the continued US arms shipment to Ukraine and sent a diplomatic note to the State Department warning of “unpredictable consequences” if the support continues. https://t.co/LanH0FOwIH

CNN International (@cnni) April 15, 2022

Russian experts said that Moscow has labeled arms convoys entering the country as legitimate military targets. If these convoys have not yet been attacked, Russia can change its strategy and attack these supplies.

In fact, Russia has accused the allies of violating the “rigorous principles“govern the transfer of weapons to conflict zones and be oblivious to”the threat of high-precision weapons falling into the hands of radical nationalists, extremists and bandits in Ukraine“.

Russian diplomacy accuses NATO of trying to pressure Ukraine to “abandoned” negotiations so far unsuccessful,”to continue the bloodshed“Such an attack would be”a very important escalation move, first and foremost because it poses a threat to the West if it cannot maintain supplies to Ukraine, which, by extension, could diminish Ukraine’s self-defense capabilities“.

A risk thatshould not be minimized“according to the fearful USA”that an attempt to hit a convoy inside Ukraine could escalate and spread beyond the Ukrainian border into NATO territory.”.

Senior US defense officials remain concerned about the possibility of such attacks. “We do not take any movement of weapons and systems into Ukraine for granted.”according to Pentagon spokesman John Kirby.

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