“We took what Jérémy and Fanny said as a joke”, say the Belgian brothers

They weren’t there to joke around. Lucas and Nicolas, the two Belgian brothers aged 29 and 37 from Malmedy, won the final of Beijing Express, in the land of the golden eagle aired on thursday M6. During the final stage that took place in Dubaithey made short work of their opponents, Jérémy and Fanny, the “dreamy” couple, from where they recovered the entire kitten. The brothers thus presented themselves at the starting line of the final sprint with the largest amount possible, 100,000 euros, which they effectively pocketed. Interview with a duo who have a humble victory.

You have flown this season. Did you think you would outmatch your opponents that much?

Nicholas: Honestly, we did not expect to be so efficient. Lucas and I know each other very well, we know what we are capable of and we know that our great strength is our mind, never give up, never give up. Sometimes there was a bit of luck, sometimes a bit of strategy, but from there to doing this course, no, we didn’t imagine it for a second.

You got a lot of wins, which upset Jeremy and Fanny. Were you aware of the tensions? Or is it with the television broadcast that you find out what this couple says about you?

Luke: We knew there was a bit of rivalry. We take it all as a joke. Yes, there are things that are said and that are surprising, but we must not forget that we are in a race, that there is stress. It also happened to us to say things without thinking. it’s a competition. Sometimes they would arrive right behind us, or within minutes, I can understand their reactions. We don’t know how we would have reacted in his place. It’s a game, we have a very nice contact with them, we laugh together at the words that can be used. People have to understand it: yes, there are things that are said, yes, there is nervousness, but it is adventure, it is tension, there are a lot of things that come online.
n.: You have to put all this in perspective.

At the beginning of the final sprint, you had 100,000 euros. Did he give you the niaque or put you under pressure?

n.: exerts additional pressure. I have a memory where, before kick-off, Stéphane Rotenberg speaks to us and I half listen to him because I am already in the race and there is only one thing to do: win it. In season 7, Ludovic and Samuel had lost, I didn’t want us to be the second pair of Belgian brothers to experience the same thing season 7].

And in the final stretch you realized that you were the first to arrive…

L.: I screamed and all the memories flooded me: the moment when we took off the blindfolds at the beginning, the hitchhiking, the massage session… Everything, everything, everything came back. We feel enormous gratitude for our families who supported us from the beginning, who accepted that we had been gone for so long. We feel a mixture of many things. We were happy, excited, but also sad that the adventure was over.

Are you aware of being a duo acclaimed by the public? Is Belgium following your adventure?

n.: We receive many messages on social networks or from people in the region. We can’t go shopping without being told. It’s still temporary. I am delighted to find my cocoon family, to be able to have my coffee on the terrace without being called or asked for a photo. I perfectly understand the people who are happy for us, I thank them, but we didn’t do it for notoriety. We participate for the game, because it is an extraordinary adventure.

What did you discover about you and your brother during this adventure?

L.: I discovered that Nico had an unshakable strength of character. When he has an idea in his head, he doesn’t have it elsewhere. Sometimes it is even difficult to follow. We both understood that we could be an amazing support for each other. Beijing Express It opened my eyes to all the things to discover in the world, it made me want to go and see other things.
n.: Before the affair, Lucas was an introvert. He kept his feelings to himself. In the game, he opened up, trusted, let go. I think he did him good. He will serve you personally and professionally. And I, who am a very calm guy… (Lucas laughs) I, who follow someone who is very nervous, very angry, who bothers me for nothing when something goes wrong, that taught me to put things in perspective, to find the solution. before getting angry.

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