what the L1 coaches think of the Macron-Le Pen duel and the commitment of the athletes

In the midst of the presidential election in France, athletes and leaders called on the stands to block Marine Le Pen and vote for Emmanuel Macron. However, few footballers have been involved and Ligue 1 managers have different opinions on the matter. Non-exhaustive summary.

in the image ofantony dupont or even the CNOSF, some big names and institutions of French sport have asked to block the National Rally during the second round of the presidential elections in France. This Friday, several club leaders also called in another forum to vote for Emmanuel Macron as Jean Michel Classrooms (OL), Olivier Létang (Lille) or Loïc Féry (Lorient).

But on the side of the French players and coaches, hardly anyone wanted to speak in public except Dimitri Payet and Blaise Matuidi, signatories of the forum published by Le Parisien and France Info. Before matchday 32 of the season in Ligue 1, the topic of the Presidential Championship and the duel between Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron came back to the table. Without necessarily giving rise to strong positions.

Those who refuse to talk about politics

Among the coaches of the French championship, several of them quickly refused to position themselves. Thrown into the fight to stay with Saint-Etienne, pascal dupraz He just wants to talk about football. There is no doubt that the Greens coach will express his personal feelings about the upcoming elections. All with his usual frankness.

“No mixing genres,” the Saint-Etienne coach cut off, a little annoyed, when asked the question at this week’s conference. “I am here to talk about the Brest party and I am not here to talk about politics.” In fact, I don’t want to talk about politics.

The pitch is a bit less high-pitched, but the response seems pretty similar for Christophe Galtier in Nice. Politics is a personal matter and athletes are citizens like everyone else. Spot.

“A position in the second round? Yes, personal. And it will continue to be personal,” the Riviera coach reacted. And to clarify his thinking: “Why should the world of sport position itself? […] I think everyone should vote. We have this privilege in France to vote and it is a great privilege. We are in the Republic. Everyone should vote according to their sensitivity. After that, some people position themselves… They position themselves.”

Those who remember their values

Without giving the slightest preference to one or the other of the candidates, or even implying that they would vote, some players in the French championship took advantage of this irruption of politics in the season to rethink their thoughts. Sport and football constitute an immense vector of cohesion between people. This is particularly the case in Rennes bruno genesio.

“I don’t think it’s our role to air our ideas publicly… I don’t want to… Me, I grew up in an environment where we played games together, regardless of our skin color, regardless of who we are.” “The important thing was to play together, all together,” said the former OL coach on the eve of the duel for Europe against Monaco at Roazhon Park. For me, that was a great wealth in my childhood. We lose that in France and it’s a shame… This is how we have to live… in peace.”

A few days before a boiling derby against Lille, in the middle of the race for Europe, frank haise He also insisted on the importance of coexistence and social diversity in football and in France.

“I don’t know if any player from the club has signed up for this platform. Each one decides in his soul and in his conscience. I, what I have as a position… I have been in sports and football for 45 years, ”said the coach of Sang et al. O. I have always lived with a lot of social, cultural, religious diversity and I am very happy to live in this world with a lot of diversity”.

The one who puts a taco on Putin

The coach of Nantes antoine kombouare He insisted on his rejection of extreme ideas… without making his feelings about the Macron-Le Pen duel any clearer. Regarding the war in Ukraine and the Russian invasion, the former PSG defender was more direct and wants the athletes to face the Kremlin.

“I often say that the athlete does not have to talk about politics in my mind. But when there are important causes, you can repeal the rule. For example, what is happening in Ukraine is catastrophic. We should all be against it.” poutine because what Russia is doing today is very serious. We don’t do politics but we have to talk about it, dropped the Canarian coach. Regarding the vote, necessarily for me, everything that is extremist, I am against. Then you draw whatever conclusions you want.”

Those who advertise to vote

In Ligue 1, some managers have not indicated their intention to vote or not. But other players have confirmed that they will find a way to express their position through a bulletin. Directly or via proxy. But there again, it is not about giving a hint about the person they would like to see at the helm of France for the next five years.

“I voted in the first round, I will vote in the second. I had this discussion with my father-in-law and my wife on Thursday in the car, confirmed morgan schneiderlin, the Nice midfielder. I believe that a footballer should not enter into a political debate. One is no more relevant than another person. The opinion of each one is personal, my opinion is personal. I understand people and players who want to argue with others, but I don’t.”

A little more detached, and focused on the derby against Lens, Jocelyn Gourvennec He will not be at home in the second round but he will also vote. “It’s the second round in ten days, isn’t it? That day we’ll play in Strasbourg. Obviously I’ll vote. I’ll make a proxy like I did last week,” assured the LOSC coach. I don’t want to get into this debate. From 5:00 p.m. on Sunday -before going to see the results of the first round- after the end of the Angers match, after leaving my disappointment at 1-1, I have already gone to the derby preparation. preparation.”

Last words that, as for most of the Ligue 1 actors, insist on the public non-commitment before the presidential one. Before the second round of the presidential election, on April 24, the priority is matchday 32 of the championship.

Jean-Guy Lebreton with RMC Sport

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