Why Boby Lapointe deserves to be as famous as his friend Georges Brassens

Aragón and Castilla, your Katie left you, Bobo Léon… Boby Lapointe has written and performed crazy songs, mixed with puns, contradictions, paronomasias or alliterations. However, while we celebrate the centenary of his birth, this weekend, in Pézenas (Herault), his city, this friend of george brass probably still does not have the place it deserves in the memories.

“In Pézenas, and in the region, he is very much alive, smiles Dany Lapointe, his granddaughter. At the national level, perhaps this centenary will help to put it back in the minds of many people. Give it a focus, which was necessary. Because Boby Lapointe had a pretty short career. He started in 1954, when Bourvil chose Aragon and Castile for one of his movies. And he stopped abruptly when he died in 1972, at the age of 50. “He was not necessarily known, during his life, his granddaughter continues. It’s mostly after… him. He was probably a little too different. »

“He put the measure where… where it shouldn’t”

Tom Belhomme, the vice president of Eh! Say Boby, the association of Friends of Boby Lapointe, which organizes many concerts and events this weekend in Pézenas, is convinced: Boby Lapointe was “too ahead of his time”. “And he left too soon,” he says. Rhythms, incessant puns, double meanings, it is something that was not done. Georges Brassens himself says so, Boby Lapointe had something special. He even says that if he wanted to redo Boby Lapointe, he wouldn’t be able to do it, because Boby was putting the measure where… he shouldn’t have. »

This genius of the word, who was, before the outbreak of the Second World War, a brilliant budding mathematician, put in his songs a rhythm rarely equaled. Although this very shy one tended to “accelerate to finish faster”, laughs Dany Lapointe. The musicians who accompanied him had to manage to follow him”.

An “infinite artist”

In recent years, Boby Lapointe, who is studied by children at school, with his famous fish mother, is becoming more and more accepted. “Every day we hear that shows are organized around the work of Boby Lapointe, versions of his songs, etc., confesses Tom Belhomme. Something has been going on for some time! Renaud, on his next album, which will be released on May 6, takes up Come and goone of Boby Lapointe’s songs.

On Friday (9pm), the group C’Dric et Danito will offer a creation based on the work of Boby Lapointe. This duo already played songs by the artist about twenty years ago. Boby Lapointe, artists return to it “a little more today than during his lifetime”, says Danito. But we believe that it is still not recognized enough, it is not celebrated enough. We know many of these songs, and yet we regularly discover new puns. He is an infinite artist. »

The entire program for the centenary of Boby Lapointe, it’s over here.

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