1 of the children in respiratory failure and in hospital.

The night was very complicated for Ambre Dol (Large Families) and more particularly for one of her sons.

The galleys seem to follow one another through the Dol. After Joaquim’s (4 years old) allergic reaction that caused his very swollen face, it is the turn of his little sister Winona (2 and a half years old) to have some problems. Indeed, in recent days, the youngest daughter of Amber and Alexander marks 39 ° C on the thermometer. She is broken, her mother confesses on her social networks, defenseless.

large family amber dol

Thursday April 14 2022the candidate for large families, life in XXL was nevertheless hoping that the situation would be unblocked.

Nona is better still 39 with a fever tonight but I find her a little better anyway she’s a little better still coughing a lot but less dry so fingers crossed she’s doing well I mean she announced on the instagram story.

But now, things didn’t work out and even took a slightly more disturbing turn.

finally we old fashioned by the emergency room, revealed Ambre Dol in the middle of the night. Then, at 2:26 am sharp, the little one was finally seen and placed on a breathing apparatus as shown in the photos (see our slideshow). After spending a few hours in the hospital, the mother and daughter they were finally able to return home.

The pretty nurse took the time to explain that young Winona found herself in respiratory failure, with her oxygen level too low. Her oxygen saturation was 92% when I made the decision to go to the ER, we found out again. This is a normal reaction, because a satisfactory level of saturation for a little boy is greater than 95%. If it is less than 94%, it is a serious criterion and leads to hospitalization.

It’s hard for him mother of five children to see clearly what is causing Winona’s pain, and treatment begins: it looks like bronchiolitis, but the swab is negative. In all cases, antibiotics should be started and paracetamol should be continued. Regardless, the little girl was able to get over her emotions by ending her night at the illuminated of his mom and dad.

Large families, life in XXL: everything there is to know about the Servières family

Les Servières make their debut in Large families, life in XXL in TF1. This is what you need to know about this new family established in Ariège.

A wind of novelty has blown (again) over Large Families, life in XXL!

The 14 April, three weeks after the arrival of 6 new families, who replaced 6 old ones who had already left the program, the Servières entered the scene. On March 18, Laëtitia and sebastien In fact, he had announced the good news on Instagram by posting his official portrait:

We arrived on April 14 at the show. We can not wait. Welcome everyone. Thanks to TF1 and all the teams for this great adventure! We were able to read. Same as him Pellissard family, determined to expand the family, the Servières are parents of 8 children and the 9th is on the way! The 37-year-old mother announced the happy event on March 31. AN Baby scheduled for July!

An XXL family on an XXS budget

Large families ! Laëtitia and Sébastien Servières are 37 and 44 years old and are the happy parents of 8 children: Maeva, 17, Maëlys, 14, Mandy, 12, Leny, 9, Manaëlle, 7, Melya, 5, Milyana, 3, and Leo, 16. months old at the time of filming.

We want to show that we can be a big family with a small budget and swim in the happiness, confesses the mother, proud of her tribe’s adage: XXL family with an XXS budget. It is in Ariège that the Servières tribe settled. Sébastien is a construction worker, while his wife is currently on paternity leave: We have to be careful because we only have one salarythey explain.

large families

The Servières will soon be 11 years old

You partner Servières met 18 years ago, at a party organized by mutual friends. i had a stroke heart for her, says Sébastien in the first episode. Did they plan to have a large family? They will say more on the April 14 episode.

Meanwhile, the mother of Large Families shares the news of her pregnancy on social networks: The most beautiful things come in little packages, wrapped in joy, full of kindness and sent with affair. We are proud to announce the expected arrival of our baby in early July. In a few months, the Servières will be eleven years old!

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