2 good news for fans of GTA 6: a release date sooner than expected and a first image revealed?

Now that Rockstar Games has officially confirmed that grand theft auto 6 is in development, fans are patiently waiting to get their first look at the long-awaited title. Most reports indicate that the earliest release date of grand theft auto 6 It’s likely years away, so fans may wait a while before seeing anything substantial about the game. Grand Theft Auto I affirm that his sources had confirmed that the first image of the game was already in the wild.

Leaked Grand Theft Auto series Matheusvictorbr- says they confirmed a photo of a house seen in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – The Definitive Edition is actually taken from GTA 6 . They say that the location is inspired by Hollywood, Florida, which would coincide with the rumors that grand theft auto 6 It will take place in Vice City. The house that does not appear in the original version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas so it has been the source of much speculation since the release of the Last edition of last year.

A return to Florida for GTA 6?

Fans should take this information with a huge grain of salt.as with any leak or rumour, but Rockstar Games has a documented history and likes to tease new projects. in their games. In fact, some will remember that Grand Theft Auto 3 included billboards alluding to vice city so it wouldn’t be surprising if Rockstar used Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition to provoke fans returning to Florida.

After a few months. I have been confirmed that this image is from the next title in the Grand Theft Auto series. The location in Game is possibly inspired near the American suburb, in the vicinity of Hollywood – Florida. Perfection! ❤️ https://t.co/IkkXzvrYsH

Fans have speculated for years that grand theft auto 6 would take place in Vice City. After all, grand theft auto 4 returned the franchise to Liberty City, while grand theft auto 5 covered San Andres. Then it would be logical that grand theft auto 6 takes place in vice city Although there are rumors about GTA 6 that actually could include more than one city for players to explore.

some rumors of grand theft auto 6 states that the game will have two cities , with players able to travel between Liberty City and Vice City. It seems unlikely, if anything due to the scale of the company, but it will be interesting to see if there’s any truth to it once Rockstar finally decides to close the curtain on the long-awaited next game in the hit franchise. GTA.

It will also be interesting to see if any of the other rumors surrounding the game are true, such as GTA 6 will have a scalable map for multiplayer or if you have a female lead for the first time in the history of the series. GTA fans you just have to watch out to find out. And you, what are your predictions and expectations for the future GTA 6?

GTA 6 Insider Shares Good News About Release Date

According to a prominent informant from Rockstar Games, the release date from GTA 6 It’s not as far away as everyone thinks. many fans of Grand Theft Auto from the beginning what the next game Grand Theft Auto it is still far away, which is a reasonable expectation considering the game has yet to be revealed. With GTA 5 et red dead redemption 2 – the latest games from Rockstar Games – reveal and release separated by two years. There is no reason to expect this model to break, which would mean there is no reason to wait. GTA 6is less than two years old. She apparently does, which is good news for fans of Grand Theft Auto desperate to play the game.

The report comes from thesis2 , who recently let it be known that the game was only 12-18 months away from release, which would mean it would be out next year. The informant scoffed at this information in response to rumors that GTA 6 was reset in 2020, which, if true, would mean the game is a long way from release. However, according to Tez2, these rumors are not true.

“Right now, when you hear that Rockstar is improving working conditions and trying to de-escalate the crisis, do you really think a reboot will happen when we’re a year or a year and a half from launch?” the source said.

This is the best news that fans of Grand Theft Auto i have heard GTA 6 for a while, because Previous rumors suggested that its release date would likely be in the second half of this decade., and it might end up being the case, but the Tez2 is as reliable as it gets when it comes to Rockstar Games. Despite this, everything here should be taken with a grain of salt. While this information is accurate, it is also subject to change, and internal release date targets change all the time. That said, and for what it’s worth, we’ve heard of a similar delay.

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