Amber Heard’s Ex-Assistant Makes Sordid Reveals About Johnny Depp’s Ex-Wife

Amber Heard at the end of the second day of the trial, held at the court in Fairfax, Virginia (United States, April 13, 2022). Abaca

Kate James, who has already testified in a previous trial in 2020, reiterated her accusations against the star ofaquamanwhom he accuses of abusive conduct, including ill-treatment.

The new trial between Johnny Depp et amber heard opened April 11 at the Fairfax, Virginia courthouse. The two stars, divorced in 2016, accuse each other of defamation. She claims the sum of 50 million dollars from her ex-partner, for having accused him of domestic violence in a column published in 2018 in the Washington Post. She asks for her share of 100 million dollars, for having denied her words and tarnished her reputation. But while the interpreter of Jack Sparrow multiplies the sordid accusations against him – he is also accused of having raped Amber Heard with a bottle of alcohol, and the latter’s lawyers call him a “monster” – the trial could well become the stage of a turn around.

“A boss from hell”

Kate James, former assistant to the actressaquaman (from 2012 to 2015) and a witness in the trial, made rare and embarrassing confidences about his former boss, according to the daily mail . The employee, who testified via a prerecorded video statement on Thursday, April 14, portrayed Johnny Depp’s ex-wife as a “boss from hell,” capable of throwing herself into “blind rage.” She explains in particular that one of her tasks was, every time the star posed for a magazine, to take two copies of the latter and then store them in a garage box. Once, while a book was accidentally lying around the house, Amber Heard reportedly aroused unprecedented anger. She “she got absolutely hysterical. Starting to yell, yell, swear,” Kate James said.

On video, Amber Heard maintains her version of events in front of Johnny Depp

The personal assistant also recalled the series of abusive messages, sent at all hours of the day and night. “I was yelling on the phone,” she said. Between 2 and 4 a.m., she could start the slew of texts. It was all incoherent, it didn’t make sense, I just needed someone to blame for no apparent reason.”

Another shocking episode for the employee, this time where Amber Heard would have spit in her face, when she asked for a salary increase. And to clarify about her: “She jumped out of her chair, brought her face four centimeters from mine and asked me how she dared to ask her such a thing. She then she felt that she gave her the right to spit in my face.” A behavior that she also had with members of her family, from her sister Whitney Heard to her mother Paige Parsons, according to Kate James.

manic episodes

In addition, Johnny Depp’s lawyers returned to the episodes of violence reported by his former partner. Scenes never seen by the employee, who claimed she had “never” seen the actress with “black eyes or bruises on her face.” On the other hand, she recalled that Amber Heard had been taking sleeping pills for a while and that this had caused her to have manic episodes. She would then be addicted to hard drugs, including mushrooms, ecstasy, cocaine and alcohol, contrasting with Johnny Depp, perceived as someone “peaceful, almost shy and very calm”.

“I found out that Miss Heard stole my sexual abuse story”

Kate James

“He told me that he didn’t like hanging out at his house with his friends because it was boring. That they were all old men who played the guitar and that she was not interested, ”he said, causing the actor to chuckle.

Identity theft

This is not the first time that Kate James acts as a witness in the conflict between the two ex-partners. In particular, she had testified in July 2020, during the first lawsuit filed by Johnny Depp against the tabloid. Sun, who called him an “abusive husband.” The former employee then assured that Amber Heard had stolen her story of sexual assault, suffered during a trip to Brazil, according to the media. guardian . A story he had confided in his former boss and had later found in the trial documents.

“While reading these case documents, I was shocked and disappointed to discover that Miss Heard had stolen my sexual abuse story and edited it into her own story and used it,” she told the High Court in London. And to add: “I am a survivor of sexual violence and it is very serious to put yourself in this position when it is not.”

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