ASSE topples Brest and re-launches in the race to keep!


Led from the 9th minute and with a goal from Honorat, the Greens turned the situation around to get three very important points in the race to keep!

ASSE is no longer a barricade and can thank their goalkeeper, who was immense in the last minutes.


Bernardoni’s exceptional parade! In a tremendous Cardona helmet, the ASSE goalkeeper saves the Greens and allows them to take 3 points!

Yellow for Belkebla

The Brest midfielder receives a yellow card after a humorous gesture.

There will be 5 more minutes!

The fourth official indicates that there will be five minutes of additional time.

Mangala’s crazy intervention!

The defense of the ASSE, well directed by Mangala -fourth captain of the day- covered Honorat and removed the danger. It was hot!

Great atmosphere!

El Caldero put on his cutest jacket this afternoon! Holy environment!

Fourth change for ASSE

Aouchiche replaces Boudebouz!

Departure from Bakayoko

Bakayoko gives way to Youssouf.

Bouanga Shot

Bouanga tries his luck at a long free kick but his shot goes well over Bizot’s goal.

10 minutes left!

There are only 10 minutes left in this part. The Greens maintain their victory after heavy defeats in the last two games.

Fourth and fifth change for Brest

Pierre-Gabriel makes way for Uronen. Finally, Magnetti enters the field. Agoumé goes in the opposite direction.

Mounié misses his duel!

Alone in the penalty area, Mounié sends his helmet straight to Bernardoni!

Too bad for Brest, he was really alone!

Yellow for Brest

After a late intervention on Bouanga, Pierre-Gabriel logically receives a yellow card. The first cookie of the meeting.

No penalty!

Nothing indicates the Mr. Referee. The game resumes!

Camara falls into the penalty area!

While the goal was in front of him and he only needed to win his duel with Bizot to score a hat-trick, Camara fell inside the box. VAR on the go!


AMAZING ! Opposite hand, Bizot comes to win his duel with Boudebouz and sends the ball to a corner. The Brest goalkeeper really allows the Brestons to stay in the game!

the corner gives nothing

ASSE fails to be dangerous this time but keeps the ball!

Nordin close to the goal!

What a parade of handball that of Bizot in this recovery of Nordin! New corner to follow, this time on the other side!

Bernardoni attentive!

The ASSE goalkeeper remains vigilant and intercepts a great cross from Faussurier.

Chance for Brest!

Honorat and very close to putting the two teams even with a sharp blow at the entrance to the surface. His shot goes just a few meters from the left post of Bernardoni’s goals. Always 2-1!

Khazri type

The Tunisian striker gives way to Nordin.

Changes for Brest

Cardona – Faussurier IN

Belaili – Del Castillo OFF

Clash between Del Castillo Gabriel Silva

Big scare in the air between the two players. After the quick intervention of the caretakers, the two soldiers are able to resume their march.

midfield battle

Great battle for possession in midfield. On the one hand, the greens try to win duels with a fit Douath. On the other, Haris Belkebla does not hesitate to step back to help his teammates.

The Greens take their time

The Greens try to regain control of the ball – which they haven’t had since the start of the match – to build calmly.

Brest opportunity!

Honorat tries to find Mounié at the second post but his center crosses well over the French goalkeeper’s goals. Still 2-1.

camera is better

More fear than damage for the ASSE player. He can resume.

Camera stays on the ground

The double scorer for the Greens complains about his knee and asks his teammates for help. Is change coming?

Start of the second part!

Start of the second half under the Caldero sun

BREAK: The Greens win 2-1!

After a poor start to the first act, the Greens managed to raise their heads and score two goals from set pieces. They return to the dressing room with a small advantage on the scoreboard.

1 more minute

There will be one minute of additional time in this first act.

ASSE instead!

The Greens were particularly effective on their two set pieces! Since the beginning of the game, they have been far behind and now they are trying to manage their advantage well.


2-1 for ASSE!

Another corner goal. Another goal from Mahdi Camara. Even more atmosphere. Bouanga again in the pass. Always under the sun… In short, the afternoon of the Greens goes little by little from a real nightmare to a Saturday full of hope!

Bouanga strike

Bouanga plays with two defenders, gets inside on the left wing and tries his luck entering the area. Counterattack and corner to follow!

Lilian Brassier takes her place

Brassier takes the place of Chardonnet, injured. The first change of the game.

Goldfinch stays on the ground

Brendan Chardonnet feels muscle discomfort, sits down on the grass and walks out of his spot.

terrestrial honor

Honorat remains on the ground after this aerial duel with Lucas Douath. Or rather the no duel, since the Saint-Etienne midfielder does not go up in the air to seize the ball.

Dupraz pushes his players!

“Encoooore!”, “Well doneeeeeee!” either “Let’s go guys !”Pascal Dupraz raises his voice and motivates his players.

no video

No call for VAR. The game is still on.

Hit the corner!

Boanga falls into the penalty area and the Brestois avoid danger! The referee doesn’t flinch.

Khazri close to the goal!

Clever, Wahbi Khazri tries his luck hitting the near post!

Excellent save by the Breton goalkeeper and he sends for a corner!

Free throw does nothing

Romain Del Castillo tries to find one of his teammates in this free kick but the ball goes flying out of the goal. The Greens will be able to escape.

Free kick for Brest

Great foul by Mickael Nade on Haris Belkebla and free kick to follow for Brest!

Technical approaches…

Mangala tries to find Boudebouz on a long pass but the ball flies to the side. A lot of waste and many technical approaches from the start of the game.

very little running

Although the result seems to indicate that this meeting is very open, it is quite the opposite: the two teams offer very little, and go back and forth as a unit. Very little idea.

Geoffroy-Guichard on fire!

After taking a hit after the opening of the Brest score, the Cauldron wakes up and pushes his soldiers away!


The Greens equalize in this corner!

Only at the far post, Mahdi Camara equalizes the two teams with a great kick! The game is more than launched!

Corner for ASSE

Boudebouz plays with Duverne on the left flank of the Greens attack and tries to find Bouanga in the box. He is countered and corner to follow!

Brest is pressing!

Mounié finds Honorat in the penalty area but the only scorer of the game is not dangerous. A new opportunity for visitors.

Honorat does not celebrate his goal

Passed by the ASSE between 2019 and 2020, Franck Honorat does not celebrate his goal but comes to push the Greens into the abyss.


Honorat unlocks the game with a full axis hit!

Dupraz and Der Zakarian wide awake

Pascal Dupraz and Michel Der Zakarian are already standing at the edge of the pitch.

Brest dictates the game

The Brestois take control of the party and the Stéphanois let the Bretons build. Objective: calm down defensively.

corner for nothing

The corner doesn’t give at all and Paul Bernardoni calmly recovers the ball.

First curve for Brest

Abdoulaye Bakayokour faces a Mounié cross and the visitors take the first corner of the game.

Dangerous Bounga!

Bouanga’s hook in the penalty area, quickly caught by the Brest defense. Distant danger.

He went !

Start of the meeting between ASSE and Brest! Obligatory victory for the Greens in this maintenance race. Much less at stake on the Brest side.

Entrance of the 22 actors

The two teams enter the pitch under the beautiful Saint-Étienne sun!

The banner of the Greens fans before the match

Saint-Etienne fans unfurled a banner minutes before kick-off: “GG completed the last 3 games… The Greens responded, and your team?”


The banner of Saint-Etienne supporters before ASSE-Brest.
The banner of Saint-Etienne supporters before ASSE-Brest. © EJ


ASSE has conceded 10 goals in the last two games. That’s as much as the ten games before the trip to Lorient and the OM reception. A defensive failure.

The composition of Brest, Belaïli back in the eleven

Bizot – Pierre-Gabriel, Chardonnet, Hérelle, Duverne – Belaïli, Benkebla, Agoumé, Del Castillo – Honorat, Mounié

substitutes: Larsonneur, Faussurier, Uronen, Brassier, Lasne, Mbock, Magnetti, Cardona, Camblan

The composition of the Greens, the young starter from Bakayoko

substitutes: Verde, Trauco, Kolodziejczak, Moukoudi, Diousse, Youssouf, Aouchiche, Sako, Nordin

Good morning to all !

Welcome to this live broadcast dedicated to the Saint-Etienne-Brest match. The Greens, 18th in Ligue 1 and virtual play-off, host Brestois 12th, and candidates for the top 10. Kick-off at 5pm!

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