Bic 4 color ballpoint pen, the new gaming craze

Bic has teamed up with Maison Tournaire for this collection.  The 4 colors presented in a box is sold for 390 euros.

Something strange is going on in the realm of Pronote and the crop top. For two years now, four-color printing has been the object of an unlikely fascination among French university students. Giving rise to theft, business transactions and unsuspected conflicts in playgrounds.

On Twitter, students proudly display their collection or post desperate want notices: “Who stole my 4 colors! ? » There are also teachers who praise the ingenuity of teenagers, like this teacher who tweeted a photo of a 4 color transformed… into a bow. Obviously confiscated. In January, the deputy principal of a school in Erstein (Bas-Rhin) published the photo of your harvest of the day in the bag of a student of 5me with the subtitle: “The four-color pen theft epidemic is still rampant. »

Because fashions under the patio follow one another but they are not alike. For a long time, fashion objects at school took on a playful and collective character; from the ossicles to the testicles, passing through the elastic. Playing cards also had their heyday, sometimes with a transgressive character (dedication to the boomer who unearthed his Crados collection with Gudule Pustule and Mathieu Dégueu in duplicate). Pokémon and Dragon Ball Super were later absorbed into a myriad of anti-stress products. It must be said that, between the attacks, global warming and the pandemic, children have had plenty of reasons to shoot their hand spinner and “stick” their blow it up.

Generally, arrival at college, like a farewell to childhood, marks the end of these game-focused fashion effects to make way for…clothes. How did a work tool as banal as a pen become a war chest?

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“Normally we have to manage problems with the theft of four colors, in class or during recess, with the aim of having as many as possible. For some it is a challenge, and for others they make it a business. It is a source of conflict that interferes with our daily work,” confirms Pierre-Yves Le Cossec, CPE of a college in Val-de-Marne. “Some students have it all the time. Even when they have to go to class, they are very careful not to leave it on the table.” adds his colleague Sandrine Désandré. Sometimes the search for that pen ends with slaps. “In the middle of class, one of my classmates stole one from his neighbor, who was five, they ended up fighting on the floor with the teacher who was trying to separate them”says Sara, a student of 5me. In your school, 4 colors is not recommended for 6it is. Elsewhere in France, several establishments have simply banned it.

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