BMW X7 (2022): is it reasonable?


BMW redesigns its luxurious X7. In addition to a modernized pencil stroke and more high-tech instrumentation, BMW is integrating 48V mild hybridization into the two available xDrive40d and xDrive M60i engines.

If BMW highlights its desire to accelerate technological change to support the ecological transition, on the other hand, the Bavarian manufacturer does not restrict the excess of some of its automotive approaches. It is the case of the restyling of its luxurious X7. This for this vintage 2022 features a new front end, a modernized interior that includes a new curved screen and also two 48V light hybrid motors.

bmw x7 m60i light hybridization 48v

The new X7 is one of the flagships of the manufacturer BMW. The bow, with a completely redesigned design, incorporates the brand’s stylistic codes, in particular the twin headlights and the double BMW grille. The BMW X7 is equipped for the first time with optical units arranged on two levels, like those found in Citroën and Hyundai. The horizontally arranged LEDs (light strips) in the upper part of the light cluster perform the functions of position lights, daytime running lights and direction indicator lights. The low beam and high beam functionality is ensured by the LED blocks at the bottom.

bmw x7 m60i light hybridization 48v

The front bumper has also been restyled, with new integrated air ducts and new aluminum trim. As with the recently introduced BMW 8 Series, the X7 also features Iconic Glow cascading lighting for its grille. At the rear there are no significant changes, but the new X7 is the first to offer 23-inch wheels as an option.

bmw x7 m60i light hybridization 48v

full of technology

In the passenger compartment, if it is possible to choose between a 5 or 7-seater configuration, it is above all the dashboard that has inherited the manufacturer’s attention with a new Curved Display that includes a 12.3-inch instrumentation screen and a 14.9 inches. Inch multimedia screen, like the one found in the iX full electric SUV. The restyling includes not only a new dashboard design but also new shortcut keys, with the air conditioning keys disappearing in favor of an all-touch configuration.

bmw x7 m60i light hybridization 48v

The cloud-based navigation system BMW Maps is optionally available with augmented reality function on the head-up display. Also available as an option, the BMW Digital Key Plus provides the ability to lock and unlock the BMW X7 from an iPhone and enables the use of a 5G-compatible eSim card for vehicle-to-vehicle communication.

bmw x7 m60i light hybridization 48v

In terms of driving assistance, the X7 benefits from a forward collision alert with cyclists, pedestrians and oncoming vehicles when the car turns at an intersection. Automatic speed limit assist as well as lane following and traffic light recognition functions are included along with adaptive cruise control and optional traffic jam assist. Another novelty: the exit alert, which warns the occupants of a risk of collision when opening the door.

An itchy malus

In France, only the 350 hp 6-cylinder turbodiesel 3.0 (xDrive40d) or the 530 hp 4.4 biturbo V8 (xDrive M60i) will be available. Each of the two engines benefits from state-of-the-art 48V mild hybrid technology, an electrification system consisting of a crankshaft-start alternator integrated into the transmission, giving the system a power gain of 12 hp and a torque increase of 200 Nm. All engines are mated to an eight-speed Steptronic Sport gearbox with paddle shifters on the steering wheel. The driving force is transmitted to all four wheels.

bmw x7 m60i light hybridization 48v

Despite the incorporation of this light hybridization, which reduces consumption at low speeds, maneuvers and pick-ups, the X7 will not only receive an ecological penalty (40,000 euros for the M60i) but also a weight penalty of €10 per kilo above 1800 kg. The weight of the new BMW X7 has not been disclosed, but the previous version was around 2,500 kg. These penalties will be added to the already generous price: from €101,900 for the diesel version and €133,500 for the M60i version.

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