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Discover the detailed summary of Here everything begins season 2 advanced with episode 382 broadcast on Wednesday, April 20, 2022 on TF1. Célia is not ready to live with Théo. Hortense’s life comes crashing down when she is sent the video to Mehdi. Greg isn’t ready to talk to Elliott. Clotilde is back at the Auguste Armand Institute.

The complete summary of the ITC soap opera from the episode of 04/20/2022 with spoilers #HereEverythingBegins in advance, everything you need to know.

Hortense It all begins here

The end of the Hortense-Mehdi couple: Tom had his revenge

Find the full summary ofIt all begins here episode 382 broadcast on TF1 on Wednesday 20th April 2022 (see summaries before It all starts here ): the summary of the previous episode Here everything starts from 04/19/2022 It is online.

Tom asks Hortense if she wants to know how many people she’s going to lose today. 1 video sent = 1 friend lost. Tom has decided to target Mehdi, he tells Hortense to get ready to say goodbye to him.

Theo disagrees with Charlène: she tries to apologize but Theo doesn’t want to know. Emmanuel suggests moving on. Theo judges that once again his father is defending Charlene. Theo thought that he could live with Charlene, he announces to her parents that he is leaving the house. Constance is sad.

Landiras is happy with his team, the pop-up chocolate shop is a success.
Mehdi receives Hortense’s video… but Hortense tells him she’s received an ad and deletes it before Mehdi sees it.

Diego everything begins here

Diego and Isabelle are happy to welcome Theo to the marshes.

Eliott goes to Lionel to see Greg… Lionel says Greg doesn’t want to talk to him, but he promises to tell him what happened.
Greg thinks that if Elliott has to work hard, he doesn’t see what they’re doing together.

Clotilde is back at the institute: Teyssier announces that Axel will attend all the classes as a free auditor. Deva and Amber think it’s unfair.

Celia here everything begins

Célia is not ready for life together

Hortense confides in Célia, she thinks she has just saved time… because Tom will realize that Mehdi hasn’t seen the video.
Hortense explains to Kelly… tells her that she says “bad” things about certain students when she has dark thoughts. Then he shows her a nice video of her that he had filmed. Kelly softens.

Teyssier here everything begins

Teyssier announces the arrival of Axel during classes

Kelly decides to talk to Tom. She feels that he should not send the video to Mehdi, the content is private. Kelly thinks that Tom is only thinking of her own revenge…she tells him that she has to delete the videos. Tom decided otherwise.

Jasmine takes care of her little protégé Axel

Amber tells Axel that she doesn’t want to be friends with an unscrupulous guy. Axel recognizes that he starts from a very low base… and that his lessons will help him.
Amber says that last year she had a friend who fought for the contest but didn’t make it (cf: Solal). Amber doesn’t want to know anything, she thinks he has no place. Jasmine thinks that Amber should complain to Teyssier.

Theo here it all begins

Constance is sad about Theo leaving.

Théo arrives at the Gaissacs’ house, asks Diego and Isabelle if he can come to the house. Diego tells her that she can give him a hand in the swamps. They are delighted to receive it.

Here everything starts early episode 383 of April 20, 2022: Tom takes revenge

Medhi ends up receiving the famous video from Hortense: she says that it is just a table, that it is part of Mehdi’s decoration. Hortense says in the message that she sometimes remembers Hugues, with him she felt special. She says that for Mehdi what matters is his daily life and his cakes. Hortense says that she thinks she needs more. Mehdi is upset listening to this video.

Constance ITC

Constanza lives badly that her 2 children no longer speak to each other

Axel confesses to Teyssier that the director’s nephew was not well received… even Chef Armand was drunk.
Axel says that he will blend in and be accepted. He will show you what he is capable of.

Celia tells Theo that it’s good to live together. She thinks they need to miss each other. She tells him that she can at least stay tonight.

Mehdi gives Hortense her things and tells her that it’s over for both of them.

mehdi everything starts here

Mehdi has decided to break up with Hortense

Highlights Here it all starts from Wednesday, April 20, 2022: what to remember

– Théo no longer wants to live with Charlène
– Théo goes to the Gaissacs but Célia is not happy
– Medhi breaks up with Hortense after the revealed video
– Some students, including Ambre, do not accept Axel as a free auditor.
– Clotilde has returned from Palermo

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