Carrefour and Leclerc urgently withdraw these contaminated products, it’s fish

Every time we approach a retreat, we grit our teeth. The fear of having eaten it makes us sink into psychosis. We tell you everything!

Too many reminders?

If you’ve been shopping recently, you must have noticed the signs of product recalls. Right now, the food industry is going through its worst quarter of an hour. When the pizza scandal Buitoni broke, everyone thought it was a single reference. Unfortunately, the consequences on the morale of the French are still being felt today. It’s simple, they are relying less and less on frozen food. However, for overwhelmed parents, it can help. However, when we discover the devastating effects of salmonella in part of the population, the most suspicious decide to avoid this department for a few weeks.

Some days after, Kindergarten is under fire spotlights. Photos and video of the factory. ferrero looks like a horror movie. How come the local authorities didn’t see it coming? Just before the Easter festivities where chocolate is the star, things are really bad!

what about the listeria

In all the documents that indicate the withdrawal of these products, we talk about listeria. Behind this rather complicated name to pronounce and write, an illness hides. As you can see, the consequences for the immune system Similar to the gastroenteritis of our childhood. First of all, there is a feeling of fever that no antibiotic can reduce. Then both migraines and body aches degrade the picture a little more. If a baby is ever approached, it can unfortunately have a neurological impact on the fetus and the mother-to-be. As for people already affected by cancer or other pathologies of this type, it is hell. We can never say it enough, but we must protect the elderly!

Dear reader ofObjeko, you’re probably wondering why this group photo Lactalis is present in this article? Simply because this company made a press release press absolutely crushing for him consumer. Distributed on a large scale, we now know that in total, approximately 25,000 cheeses had ” a likely source of contamination ! when will it stop? What can we eat without fearing for our health? The mystery remains!

Another product recall…it’s a disaster!

Vegetarians sincerely thought they were safe from this kind of collateral damage. They are seriously wrong. As proof, this vacuum packaging of “smoked haddock fillets of 200 g has just been withdrawn. Yes, another one! In order not to misunderstand yourself with others, you should know that this is the brand. Burgain and sons. Logically, the only incriminated batch had to be consumed until April 23 and bears the number 133135. To set you apart from the crowd of references, your barcode ends with these four digits: 2139.

As always, Objeko tells you that you absolutely should not consume them. There are two solutions available to you. Destroy them and risk increasing food waste even more in 2022. And if you have time, you can still call the customer service available to you. They will tell you how to get a refund or have in storesCarrefouretLeclerc.Even if we no longer have much hope in the good faith of certain industries, let’s cross our fingers that this kind of drama doesn’t happen again anytime soon. In the next episode!

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