Classrooms: “The players must realize the seriousness of the situation”

Classrooms (Photo by JEFF PACHOUD / AFP)

Before the press this Friday, Jean Michel Classrooms before his responsibilities to the OL players, severely defeated on Thursday by West Ham (0-3). The president of the Rhône expects much more from them.

Classrooms had a message for OL supporters

“We thought it was good to get together to discuss the result against West Ham on the one hand, and the consequences in the future to get us out of this bad situation. I want to address the vast majority of fans who are very sad and disappointed after Thursday’s game. “The first 30 minutes of the match were magnificent thanks to all those who participated. You have to congratulate them. When you invest in coming, you want the match to be beautiful and the result to be up to par. They had a magnificent reaction at the beginning of the match, which was underlined by the West Ham leaders. We share their sadness. This should have affected the players, who after the first goal lost their sense of what to do.”

The observation after the failure against West Ham

“The responsibility we have is not to remain in the dry result of Thursday, which is negative. We did not meet expectations. We also missed qualifying in the first leg due to lack of efficiency. We must make the right decisions, without going overboard. You have to do an objective analysis. There are 7 games left and mathematically there are still options to participate in a European competition. We will give ourselves the means. The group is admired by most clubs in Europe. From there, we have to recover, find the springs and get us to be united, and we are. Players need to realize the seriousness of the situation in OL. We have to be in movement, as leaders, so that they show that they have the necessary qualities. This should result in a reaction on Sunday (against Bordeaux).”

“There will be a severe challenge”

What is the responsibility of the players in this setback?

“Since the arrival of Peter (Bosz), we have reinforced discipline and demand in training. A player who is late does not play. It takes a lot of effort. We believe that we are giving our best, that his coach and coaching staff are correct, we will put the group before his responsibilities. We no longer have the right to make mistakes, so there will be a severe challenge. We will exchange, discuss and wash our dirty clothes as a family. They don’t make a worse performance on purpose, there’s always something behind it. For example, the drop in speed after the first goal, we can’t explain it.”

How to remobilize the group after this defeat?

“I think I’m one of those people who knows the inner workings better. West Ham are of a higher caliber than Moscow.” (who eliminated OL in the Europa League in 2018), the proof with his 6th place in the Premier League. We have quality players, who have achieved feats. We are going to play solidarity, our referents… I have confidence and we feel that there is a possibility of moving forward.

“We have the elements that will allow us to recover and succeed

How do you judge the 10 years without a trophy?

“Football has changed. PSG arrived with different means than before. Other clubs have also achieved it, Lille for example. There is questioning. At one point, we had a coach criticized by the fans and the media (bruno genesio, Rennes), he is doing quite well today, to our detriment. We can see that OL has remained the main French European club over time. Our structures have completely changed. We have the elements that will allow us to recover and succeed. The commercial company will give a lifeline to French football, including OL. Since we are in good health, we will be able to reposition ourselves. There are few clubs that are at our level, in France and in Europe. We have the impression that it is an infamy not to have won titles for 10 years, it is not like that because, for example, our women have won 7 Champions Leagues. We are also in the Gambardella Cup final, with a successful academy. It is not a litany to say that we did not win anything for a decade because 99% of the other teams also have the same speech. If we don’t give up, I’m sure we can qualify in Europe and win titles.”

“We will not let go of our ambitions”

The next transfer window

“We are already working on it. We will be there financially and we know the precise aspirations of Peter Bosz. We’ve made some great acquisitions. It is clear that there are surely changes to be made. our ambitions even if the year was not successful.

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