Controversy: this school trip to Spain that caused outrage among groups of parents of students

the essential
Three students from a Haut-Garonne university deprived of school trips due to the vaccination pass, the case sparked an outcry among parent groups.

The school trip to Spain is taking place, organized for about sixty students from a school in Haute-Garonne. Three stayed at home, because they did not have a vaccination card, but “the children went this weekend to spend a week in Madrid with Spanish families,” says Claire, coordinator of the Sumación Interpelativa Occitania collective.

This group – a member of the Enfance & Libertés association (which provides free legal assistance to thousands of parents of students in France) – supported the question issued on April 5 by a mother of a student at the director’s home and a Spanish teacher . The two are suspected of having “discriminated” in the context of this school trip conditioned to the vaccination pass for students.

the manager explained

This is how the director explained it in a letter to the parents of the students: “Students who go to Spain for a language stay are welcomed by Spanish families. The travel agency has commissioned a local structure to ensure and guarantee the quality of the reception of the participants in the trip in Spanish families. However, this structure requires that all children and foster families present a complete vaccination schedule, both to ensure the safety of the foster families and that of the accompanying children and adults received throughout the year. Host families are also free to set the conditions for receiving their guests in their homes. The organization has not changed its family reception conditions and also specifies that the requirements are the same in all European countries.[…]».

From there, a confrontation began with the student’s mother, who did not want to speak in front of the press, and whose action was notified by the bailiff to the director and the Spanish teacher with the aim of eliminating the vaccination pass.

“A trip reserved for vaccinated children”

“In all illegality, he assures, the director of the establishment and the teacher have reserved the trip only for children: whose vaccination schedule is complete or justifies a certificate of recovery from covid. Therefore, they unilaterally rule out the possibility, regardless of what is provided by law, to simply justify a negative RT PCR test before departure and thus put pressure on unvaccinated children to be vaccinated.”

Ultimately, it is the health protocol currently in force in Spain that has the end of the story: namely, that any entry into Spanish territory is subject in particular to a “certificate justifying full vaccination against Covid-19 from at least 14 days”. Especially when you come from a risky country. That is the case of France in the eyes of Spain.

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