“How sad”, “The afternoon just shot me”: the tweets affected by the report on Bruce Willis

Screenshot TF1 Direct/50'Interior

Screenshot TF1 Direct/50’Inside

Fans of this magazine broadcast every Saturday in prime time on TF1 know it well: facing 50’Inside, we dream as we discover the daily life of the biggest stars on the planet, their news, their extraordinary lifestyle as well as your most beautiful vacation spots. But this Saturday, April 16, 2022, the program presented by Nikos Aliagas has only darkened the morale of some viewers. In question, a report on Bruce Willis, who recently announced the end of his career.

Around 6:00 p.m. this Saturday, April 16, 2022, TF1 broadcasts a new issue of its magazine 50′ inside. Today’s summary: reports on the television adaptation of the famous play “Se aman” written by muriel robin et pierre palmadeabout the all-star tour of the 2000s or an interview with for adams, who is about to return to the stage. A news that had something to cheer up the Saturday night of the viewers of the program. However, the magazine lost some of its levity a few minutes later, when an issue about Bruce Willis aired. At 67, the actor suffers fromaphasiaa disorder of brain which impacts their cognitive abilities, and in particular in the area of ​​language and the memory. A disease that could also have been caused by a accident twenty years ago and that makes filming very difficult.

The report entitled “Bruce Willis, his fight with the women in his life”, was an opportunity to review the main lines of the existence of the Hollywood star: his meeting with his ex-wife Demi Moore in 1987, and then their wedding just four months later. His life’s role in the action movie Crystal Trap, released in theaters in 1988, in which he played New York Police Lieutenant John McClane. Then her dark period, when Demi Moore decided to divorce her, in particular because of her possessiveness and her misbehavior…with the children’s babysitter. And finally, I find her with his new wife Emma Heming23 years younger than her, a few years later…

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After this flashback, viewers were able to learn more about the terrible announcement: in reality, the illness of the American movie star is not new. The first signs appeared seven years ago, and they have not stopped since then, pushing the actor to withdraw from public life in 2019. His secret was then protected with an iron hand by his relatives, and in particular by his wife. of him, his ex-wife with whom he is still very good friends et their daughters. But a last shoot in which the actor appeared “lost”, and helped by an assistant and headphones to be able to give the answer, put him in danger. So the family decided to take the initiative in officially announcing on social media the illness of the star and, at the same time, the total cessation of his career. If it ended on a positive note, showing the actor recently celebrating his birthday with his family members, the report made netizens very sad…

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