“I am torn”: Pierre Richard addresses Volodymyr Zelensky and Vladimir Putin in a moving video

This Friday, April 15, Pierre Richard wanted to send a strong message to both Volodymyr Zelensky and Vladimir Putin. Very excited, the actor is still waiting for the conflict to end.

From February 24, 2022, Russian troops rampage through Ukraine. Since then, many celebrities have testified their support for the people by Volodymyr Zelensky as Pierre-Richard who was questioned by our colleagues from BFM-TV. In fact, the actor has launched an appeal to Vladimir Putin in a moving video that was reportedly sent to our colleagues by the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs: “Mr. President, I know Russia well, I know its people well, whom I love. I know Ukraine well, I know its people well, whom I also love. So I am torn to see that the Russian army invaded Ukraine.” .begins describing, with emotion.

It is with a trembling voice that Pierre Richard pursues : “Invade, the word is weak. It is an invasion that borders on massacre, I would even say barbarism. At this point, I believe that no reason justifies killing women, children, civilians, c is absolutely abominable “sings in his video, broadcast on BFM-TV. The actor tries to recover: “So, like all of us, I look at the pictures with a lot of emotion.” Then he addresses the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine: “Then I wanted to tell you, Mr. Minister, that I think a lot about your people, about your President, I salute your courage, your resistance…”

Pierre Richard: “And then I keep waiting for everything to stop”

Pierre Richard expects only one thing : “And then I hope that all that will stop … so that their abominations will finally cease.” After the broadcast of this video, Candice Mahout, head of the cultural department of the continuous news channel, clarified that the actor was an ultra-famous personality in Russia: “He is really one of the artists who, even in the time of the USSR, was among the few films that could be broadcast.” A speech that thus acquires its full meaning and that, hopefully, will bring support to the Ukrainians.

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