Jean-Luc Reichmann was moved to tears when talking about his deceased father!

A few years ago, Jean-Luc Reichmann lost his father. A tragic event that still saddens the presenter today.

In February 2017, Jean-Luc Reichmann’s appearance on the program 50′ Inside caused a strong emotion among viewers. While Sandrine Quétier broadcast a souvenir video of the presenter’s surprise birthday in Les 12 coups de midi, the latter returned to an event tragic who had turned his life upside down a few months earlier.

I was super touched. I didn’t want to make a big deal about it, but I lost my father. And I tried to hold on to it as long as possible. And then he also wanted to address me mother. So it was very hard, he explained about his pillar that left an unbearable void.

jean-luc reichmann

In June 2021, Jean-Luc Reichmann again mentioned his deceased father on the occasion of the party some parents. In an Instagram post, the 61-year-old paid tribute to the latter. Happy Birthday Dad. I think of you, he wrote in the caption of a cute shot.

The excitement is at its peak.

And this Friday April 15 2022, the father of Jean-Luc Reichmann, once again, has not left the mind of the comedian. If Michel Fugain was honored with his presence at the noon 12 shot tray, did not stop directing all his thoughts to his father who died a few years ago. you know you’re in me heart forever. I say so, I will get rid of this great emotion, the artist began for the first time.

Jean-Luc Reichmann 12 shots of noon

With tears in his eyes, the interpreter of Léo Matteï confided: The last concert my father saw was you. Remember, that day, we were in the middle with mom and dad. And dad sang for the last time. That’s why he wanted to tell you that I love you. Words that also touched a lot Miguel Fugain. Thank you my Jean-Luc, he replied moved. death doesn’t stop Love.

Jean-Luc Reichmann poses with his grandmother Georgette and melts Internet users

For Jean-Luc Reichmann, it is family above all else. Even if the TF1 host is very busy between his many releases for his game Les 12 coups de midi and his series Léo Matteï, miners’ brigade, always takes time to recharge his batteries with his family.

Very close to her mother, to whom she does not hesitate to pay tribute on social networks or on the set of her shows, the Mari Nathalie Lecoultre is also very close to her grandmother, Georgette.

At 61, the famous entertainer still has the opportunity have his grandmother with him. She celebrated her 100th birthday on August 8. The most beautiful gift for the presenter of the first channel who likes to highlight her beloved grandmother on her Instagram account, which she is always very fond of. way.

This summer to celebrate his centenary, Jean-Luc Reichmann had posted a video of him beating his mother and wife at Scrabble. a beautiful moment of complicity which always moves the presenter.

Grandma Georgette’s smile

On this New Year’s Eve, Jean-Luc Reichmann naturally scrambled to find his biggest fan. In his Instagram account, he thus immortalized in a photo a new moment of complicity with him. old woman.

Jean-Luc Reichmann

We unmask just to let the smile of grandmother georgette, born in 1921, to wish us all, with a smile, kindness and love, a very beautiful end of the year 2021, she wrote on the social network. Netizens have radically melted at this tender photo.

Very nice photo, What happiness, It is good not to forget your elders, too many people the elderly are lonely and isolated. Happy new year to all, Super Grandma Georgette, long life to you, You are excellent or Very pretty Grandma Georgette, we can read in the comments. A truly star social media.

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