Loana: this very disturbing comment from Matthieu Delormeau that made her deeply sad

On the set of TPMP People this Saturday, April 16, Loana said she had been single for years. Matthieu Delormeau then asked her a very disturbing question that moved her very much.

Loana did not appreciate Matthieu Delormeau’s comment at all. This Saturday, April 16, she was invited to the set of People of TPMP alongside Marjolaine and Diana Jones to talk about their lives after reality TV. When she was asked about her current love life, former Loft Story star He said he was single. “That’s what I miss”he added in C8 before Matthieu Delormeau asked him why he couldn’t find love. “Maybe he’s the one who can’t find me”joked Loan. And on TPMP People, the host then made a comment that she didn’t appreciate at all. “You know the phrase, which is not bad, that says that when you meet someone and you say ‘he’s an asshole’, the second ‘he’s an asshole’, the third, the same… Maybe at the tenth you can tell yourself that the bad guy is yourself“, Matthieu Delormeau launched.

In front of him, Loana remained puzzled. Y matthew delormeau tried to get out of this embarrassing situation. “Isn’t there a job to do with you? I ask her. You’re young, you’re pretty, how do you explain that you can’t find love? Saddened by the host’s disturbing comment, the former reality TV star seemed very moved. “Because I’m a bitch?”she answered before he walked over to her to apologize and take her in his arms. “No, no, but I didn’t like itshe added, moved. It really wasn’t nice.” On TPMP People, Loana admitted that she attracted “shit guys”. “You understood I wasn’t dealing with a bitchconcluded Matthieu Delormeau. Nevertheless ! I’ve known you for over twenty years…” And Loana to trust that she hasn’t fallen in love for years.

Loana: “I’ve been alone for several years”

“The last time must have been in 2003 with a real and sincere man who really loved me. she remembered. (…) I was happy and I left it, unfortunately. And ever since, it’s been my curse to never fall in love again.” Sad confidences that have greatly affected Matthieu Delormeau and his columnists. And if Loana doesn’t despair of finding the man of her life, she suffers from loneliness. “I’ve been alone for several years and I miss him a lot, I’m tired of sleeping with my dog, watching TV alone”, recently confided to Jordan de Luxe. After experiencing a true descent into hell, Loana took control of her life. Full of projects, she sets out to quickly find the path of love.

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