Mahdi Camara takes the points and ASSE out of the red zone!

Since the change in the starting XI of pascal dupraz which takes Kolodziejczak and Moukoudi out of his composition. Is Gabriel Silva et Abdoulaye Bakayoko who appear in defense. Camera returns to midfield with gourna et Boudebouz while Khazri et Bouanga will encourage Saint-Etienne’s attack.

A nightmarish start to the match for ASSE, who quickly took the first goal. 35 meters from their goals, swim his interception fails, Honor go to goal and knit silva before touching, Bernardoni he falls but lets the ball slide under his body. Sum of individual errors that benefits the Brestois who logically open the scoring (0-1 9′).

The Greens are not going to collapse and in a magnificent corner at the far post of Denis Bouanga, Mahdi Chamber adjusts sumptuous header to fool Bizot, ASSE calls (1-1 14′) ! The Cauldron explodes! the players of pascal dupraz will support during the first half and the protagonists of the first goal will be the ones who stand out. In a new corner Denis Bouanga find again Camera that at medium height pushes the ball from the chest to the bottom of the goals bizotASSE took the initiative (2-1 40′) ! Second goal of the day for Mahdi Chamber and second assistance for Bouanga. The Greens return to the break with a goal advantage to the applause of the Cauldron.

No change in recovery on ASSE side, pascal dupraz he trusts his team to start again in this second period. The Greens are in control but drop back and leave the ball to Brestois, Honorstill play with Mangala and fires a shot at the entrance to the penalty area, his shot escapes him and escapes the frame (66′). On the Green side, it is always in the stopped phases that we are dangerous, after game time, nordic occupies a center Bouanga plus bizot he kicks the ball with his knee (70′). The Greens are accelerating, in a deep race from Bouangait serves Boudebouz who fires his shot at the entrance to the surface, bizot hijack again (72′)! The half-time goal is long overdue.

The last quarter of an hour starts with a very committed entry on Bouanga from pierre gabriel who receives a yellow card… very orange. dupraz tries to invigorate his team with changes in the last ten minutes, Aouchiche et youssouf in particular, to hold the ball. The Stéphanois will resist the last chances of Brest, with a last rescue of swim on its surface then on a head ofHerelle than Bernardoni Hit the opposite hand to the ground! What a save (93′)!

The Greens keep their three points, exults Geoffroy-Guichard! ASSE is no longer an obstacle and climbs back up to 17th in the standings, overtaking Clermont, who will travel to Metz tomorrow afternoon.

ASSE 2-1 SB29 (Halftime 2-1)

Lineup: Bernardoni, Silva, Mangala, Nadé, Bakayoko (Youssouf 83′), Thioub (Trauco 68′), Camara, Gourna, Boudebouz (Aouchiche 83′), Khazri (61′ Nordin), Bouanga

Goals: Honorat (9′) for SB29; Camera (14′, 40′) for ASSE

Cards: Pierre-Gabriel and Belkebla for SB29;

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