Mask Singer: Kev Adams tries to guess the age of the pig, zero points for internet users!

If Kev Adams excels in his research on

If Kev Adams excels at his research on “Mask Singer,” on the mental math side of things, that’s zero points! (TF1 screenshot)

This Friday, April 15, on TF1, viewers continue their investigation with the third episode of “Mask Singer.” And Anggun, Jarry, Alessandra Sublet and Kev Adams have a lot going on tonight! Camille Combal has announced it: it’s time for the index party and the return of the Raven! Hidden on stage or in the audience, the clues are extremely numerous and the Raven is there to guide the work of the investigators. The clues about the Pig have even made Kev Adams forget some basic math notions…

Back after two colorful seasons, “Masquerade Singer” and Camille Combal promise many surprises and disguises, each one more impressive than the last, such as the Tree, the cosmonautthe Chameleon or the Deer. international stars They are also part of this year’s cast! Thus, last week it was the American actress Teri Hatcher, better known for her role as Susan Delfino in “Desperate Housewives”, who was on the set dressed as Ladybug. After the revelations of Alain Bernard, disguised as Bernard l’Hermitte, Maud Fontenoy, under the mask of Coral Fish and Marc-Antoine Lebret, disguised as Tigress, the investigation continues this afternoon. And it takes a big turn: Alessandra Sublet, Jarry, Anggun and Kev Adams will be attending the hint party! With the help of the Raven, who returns tonight, the investigators and the public are surrounded by clues: in the magnets that introduce the characters, in the public, in the staging during performances, among the dancers or the guards, on the investigators’ clothes… the clues are everywhere!

VIDEO – Discover the minute of Kev Adams

“Thank you for making me look two years younger!”

The clues about the Pig have particularly interested investigators tonight. If you were thinking of the track champion Stéphane Diagana during the first cousins, Anggun, Jarry, Kev Adams and Alessandra Sublet thought they heard a Pig-side accent during their performances. Then they thought of former rugby player Vincent Moscato. But tonight’s magnetic clues appear to have disrupted the researchers’ work, particularly as regards the age of the masked personality. Dans ce magneté, le Cochon explains: “Le Cochon en a sous le pied. Faut dire que je suis né dans le sport, l’année de ma naissance était une grande année, déjà parce que je suis né… mais aussi pour the sport !” El Cerdo shared this track about a particular musical background: “I Will Survive”, by Gloria Gaynor. From the beginning, the researchers thought of the year 1998, the year of the first world title of the French soccer team. On the set, after the broadcast of this magneto, questions abound: “When you were born in ’98, how old are you today?” Jerry asks. “22 years old,” Kev Adams replies. This exchange and this -small- miscalculation were very quickly noticed by Internet users… to the point of giving Kev Adams a “pointed zero”!

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