Modern Vaccine: what are vasculitides, these complications “that deserve a special experience” according to the ANSM?

The National Agency for the Safety of Medicines evokes this Friday, April 15, cases of vasculitis after vaccination with the Moderna vaccine (Spikevax). Adverse effects related to the vaccine that require special expertise. A potential signal to study considers the ANSM.

A new report published this friday april 15 by the ANSM (the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines) reports several case of side effects observed in data from March 25 to April 7, 2022. According to the agency, since the start of vaccination with the Spikevax vaccine (Modern) 25,314 cases of adverse effects were analyzed, of which “a large number of cases refer to non-serious delayed local reactions”, it is specified.

But, following “an analysis of the cases of vasculitis“, the monitoring committee considers that this may be “a potential signal with the Spikevax vaccine” that should lead to a “expertise special“.

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Although the number of reported cases, 26 tested out of 62 analyzed, compared to the number of people vaccinated with Moderna is very low, this new study analyzes several autoimmune and inflammatory pathologies identified after an injection of the vaccine. But what are we talking about?

Vasculitides are a group of conditions that have in common a inflammatory damage driving to a fibrosis of the walls of arterial, venous and capillary vessels. The symptomatology depends on the type and number of affected vessels”, indicates the ANSM.

The suffix “itis” in fact suggests cases of vascular inflammation, that is, blood vessels. This inflammation can thus damage the tissues and organs supplied directly by these vessels. In total, it is estimated that there are about fifteen pathologies, quite rare, linked to vasculitis. They can affect both women and men of all ages. . The median time to onset is 9.3 days after vaccination.

Of some sixty cases of vasculitis studied, 26 could be attributed to the vaccine.

Of some sixty cases of vasculitis studied, 26 could be attributed to the vaccine.

Links to Kawasaki disease

covid-19 and Kawasaki disease in children they are closely related. This is what scientists remember about these possible adverse effects of the vaccine.

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“Vasculitides are recognized complications of SARS CoV2 disease (including complications of the type kawasaki reported especially in children). They would be linked to the inflammatory and immune response of the disease, relative gravity since intensive care is necessary for a third of patientsand mortality is 16% according to a summary study of SARS CoV2 complications,” it said.

“Apart from Kawasaki, large and small vessel vasculitides are described, as well as cutaneous vasculitis, which appear within 2 weeks after Covid disease and can be severe, involving several organs,” the document further specifies.

In view of this study, the ANSM considers as serious the threat of vasculitis after an injection of the Moderna vaccine: “Special vigilance should be exercised in patients who present, shortly after vaccination and once the context of reactogenicity, nonspecific symptoms that persist in an inflammatory context, has been ruled out”, estimates the agency, announcing that it will continue the observations because there it is, “in particular, damage to small vessels”, a “potential signal “.

In total, since the start of vaccination with Moderna, more than 23,571,000 injections have been performed as of April 7, 2022.

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