“She should not be president”: Patrick Cohen incisive on the candidate Marine Le Pen

Invited to the set of C à vous, Jordan Bardella faced a Patrick Cohen ready for battle. The journalist couldn’t help but send tackles to Marine Le Pen.

Patrick Cohen will not have been stung in his words in front of Jordan Bardellaguest on Friday, April 15 on the set of Up to you. Indeed, the interim president of the National Association had moved in the broadcast of Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine to defend the program of Marine Le Pen. But between the journalist and the MEP, the debate quickly soured. Especially when Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine asked the reasons why the RN candidate did not want to participate in the program Up to you.

Faced with this question, jordan bardella struggled to give a satisfactory explanation : “I do not hide from you that in certain broadcasts, certain journalists struggle to hide their hostility towards Marine Le Pen.” Faced with such a comment, Patrick Cohen can’t hold back to send an entry to the candidate : “If you are afraid of journalists, you should not be president, so I tell you,” He throws him, annoyed by the answers of the MEP and by the attitude of the opponent of Emmanuel Macron. Faced with this attack, Jordan Bardella responded: “You are indeed one of those people, Mr. Cohen, who finds it difficult to hide their hostility.”

Patrick Cohen: “You knowingly speak nonsense.”

Already at the beginning of the show, the two men were not consistent on a specific issue : “Marine Le Pen in a meeting, yesterday in Avignon, explained that Emmanuel Macron was trying to establish a European minimum wage that would lower the French minimum wage to €700. It’s wrong, you know perfectly well it’s wrong. I’m sorry, but it’s a hoax”, declared Patrick Cohen, before continuing: “You seriously think that we are going to align the French minimum wage with the Romanian minimum wage. It is ridiculous (…) You are an MEP (…) You knowingly say hoaxes ” .

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