the details of the mission that will emerge in 2022

L’space exploration takes on the appearance of the Cold War. On April 12, Vladimir Putin made his first departure from Moscow since the start of the war in Ukraine, on February 24, 2022. He was visiting his Belarusian counterpart, Alexander Lukashenko, the two heads of state making a televised intervention from so. Vostochny Cosmodromeeast of Russia.

On this very symbolic date, which marks the 61st anniversary of the first manned spaceflight of Yuri gagarinVladimir Putin wanted to remember importance of russia in the field of space conquest and announced the return of lunar missions from 2022. The Roscosmos space agency should coordinate the Luna 25 mission, a robotic scientific mission to study the Moon. It will be the first Russian probe to land on our natural satellite since 1976 and the Luna 24 mission.

Return to the future

Russian news agency ESTUARY Novosti revealed on April 8 that Roscosmos planned to launch the Luna 25 probe on August 22, 2022. If the mission has already experienced delays, Vladimir Putin reportedly asked the space agency’s director general: Dmitri Rogozin, that the probe will be ready before September according to the Tass news agency. Luna 25 could effectively mean Russia’s return to the aerospace industry, as the sector has suffered a deep economic crisis induced by theLorsque cet écroulement concerne des roches cohérentes, on peut aussi parler d’éboulement rocheux.
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of the Soviet bloc in 1991.

The first sketches of Luna 25 Au sens figuré : apparition soudaine d’une idée, d’un fait social, économique, politique.
Le terme émergence st employé dans de nombreux domaines.
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in 1997. The project, then called “Luna Glob”, was formalized in 2005 and the probe was due to take off for the Moon in 2012. But due to delays, the failure of Phobos-Grunt mission to Mars results in a postponement of Luna 25 to 2016. Luna 25 will launch from the Vostochny Cosmodrome with a Soyuz 2.1by will land near the South Pole after five days of travel.

Once on the moon, Luna 25 will participate in various experiments on the lunar soil. The main objectives are related to the analysis of the regolith, covering the entire surface of the Moon with a layer of white dust. The probe will also be able to observe the thermal variations of the regolith in the region, which could provide researchers with clues about the possible presence of water in the inner layers of the Moon.

Russia does it alone

The Luna 25 mission was going to be carried out in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA), but the war unleashed by Russia imposed itself on scientific collaboration between this country and Western space institutions. On April 13, ESA said it would withdraw Luna missions 25, 26 and 27. A new setback, while the ExoMars mission also suffered the Ray geopolitical tensions with Russia and it will surely not come out in 2022.

It is difficult to predict whether Roscosmos will meet the deadlines and succeed in launching Luna 25 in August. Most specialists agree that landing on the Moon is a dangerous task. But the Luna 25 mission is of great importance to Russia and could be a first milestone for cooperation with China in the construction of the permanent lunar base, theInternational Lunar Research Station (ILRS), which is expected to start in 2026.

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