The sad announcement “I was planning to die tonight”, nobody expected it!

Vianney announced on social media that he planned to die tonight. A publication that has perplexed more than one.

Vianney became known to the general public with his title Pas là. This title conquered a large part of the French and elevated the young artist to the rank of the favorite singers of the French.

Vianney's Instagram

Since then, the young man has come a long way. He released several albums and even happens to be one of the famous The Voice Coaches.

If this choice was unanimous among his fans, his detractors have not stopped criticizing him. They even reproach him for doing too much. Not to mention they can’t stand Vianney fidgeting in his chair.

Very close to other trainers.

Either way, Vianney has found his place on the show.

He has a good relationship with the other trainers like marc lavoinFlorent Pagny or even Amel Bent.

Furthermore, when the latter announced the birth of his little boy in social networks he sent his congratulations. In response to the message of the interpreter of My Philosophy saying Happy and moved to announce the birth of my little prince. fit and healthy Health Thank God he replied:

Beautiful my sister. Happiness.

He says that he is ready to give up his life! It must be said that Vianney is also active on social networks. In addition, she sometimes shares her daily life with her followers. This was the case very recently. The main stakeholder shared a series of photos where we find him preparing a bottle for his son.

In the caption, Vianney wrote:

Friends, I finish something and run to Bercy. It doesn’t look like it now, but I planned to die on stage tonight.

Seeing this post, some of his fans became concerned. However, he assured, the artist Vianney simply announced the color of his planned concert at Bercy. Phew, it was minus one! Let’s hope nothing happens to him during the show.

Almost crashed in a plane

This is not the first time that Vianney has worried his fans. As her friend Amel Bent confided in the program Rehacemos la TV en RTL, the coach of La Voz almost collided with her. plane.

When Vianney came back from Ethiopia, we were recording The voice, recalls the 36-year-old. And the first thing she said to me was ‘We almost crashed in a plane’, they wanted to land on the street with cars broken everywhere, it begins to remember the mother.

Stunned by what happened, according to Amel Bent, Vianney took his phone and called his relatives.

He began to say his prayers, said goodbye to his wife and daughter-in-law. He really thought he was going to leave, continues to the journalist’s microphone Eric Dussard.

He came back safe and sound, but the memories remained. He also received a great lesson in humility and tolerance from the Afars during his adventure in Ethiopia.

In fact, the singer was Close of Humer, leader of this nomadic people and had to face a heartbreaking farewell.

Vianney was so overwhelmed by the goodbyes that he was totally stunned when they left. In an interview with Télé 7 Jours magazine, he admits:


I held out in front of the cameras, then I collapsed in the 4×4.

This emotion later inspired his song called Dabali. This song is a tribute to the nomadic people who opened their arms to him. These people also opened their heart.

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