the situation on the 51st day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

The number of civilian deaths in the Ukraine conflict continues to rise, especially as Russia has decided to increase its bombardment of kyiv in the coming days.

Russia retaliated after the loss of its flagship the day before. Meanwhile, the relationship is heating up between Emmanuel Macron and Volodymyr Zelensky, when a dissension had arisen.

• At least 14 dead in Kharkiv

Friday was a particularly deadly day in Kharkiv, in northeastern Ukraine. At noon, Ukraine’s Prosecutor General’s Office said on Telegram that seven civilians were killed and 27 others wounded after Russian fire on evacuation buses.

Later that day, regional governor Oleg Sinegoubov said seven people had been killed and 34 wounded in a shelling that hit a residential area. According to the official, among the victims is a seven-month-old child.

• Russian retaliation after the sinking of its flagship

The next day of the famous sinking of the Moskva, a Russian flagship, Moscow reacted. Not acknowledging that she was sunk after the Ukrainian missile launch, Russia promised, however, to increase its bombardment on kyiv.

“The number and scale of missile attacks on the kyiv sites will increase in response to all terrorist-type attacks and sabotage carried out on Russian territory by the nationalist regime in kyiv,” the Russian Defense Ministry said.

An important target has also been hit, as it is a factory that makes Neptune missiles, used to attack Moskva. Located about thirty kilometers from the capital, the building was damaged. Ukraine’s ambassador to France, however, wanted to put things in perspective on BFMTV, explaining that “there was nothing left inside.”

• 6,673 war crimes registered by the Attorney General’s Office

This Friday, the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office published a summary of the war crimes registered in the country since the beginning of the Russian invasion. In total, according to these data, 6,673 war crimes have been recorded. From the figures provided by the authorities, we also know that 198 children have been killed since the start of the conflict.

At the same time, the investigation in Boutcha continues to characterize the abuses committed by the Russian army. According to the police chief of the kyiv region, Andrei Nebitov, “95% of people were shot with high-precision rifles or other small arms.”

• The French Embassy returns to kyiv

After more than a month in Lviv, in western Ukraine, the french embassy officially returned to kyiv this friday. For the occasion, the tricolor flag was raised in front of the cameras. “It is a moment of satisfaction and joy, it means that kyiv has not been conquered,” said Etienne de Poncins, French ambassador to Ukraine.

If he assures that security conditions are sufficient for the return of a small diplomatic team, he acknowledges that kyiv is no longer the city he left in March. “It was a capital at peace, now we have a capital at war,” he said. He also announced that 200 French citizens were still present in Ukraine.

• No tension between Emmanuel Macron and Volodymyr Zelensky

Volodymyr Zelensky’s deputy chief of staff, Igor Zhovkva, spoke on BFMTV on Friday. In particular, he returned to Emmanuel Macron’s refusal to speak of genocide in Ukraine, which the Ukrainian president had described as “hurtful”. “The situation never got worseour two presidents have excellent relations”, declared the adviser on our antenna.

He even assured that he understood the position of the French head of state. “As far as I understand, Emmanuel Macron is talking about the legal definition of the notion of genocide and the fact that lawyers must work on this issue,” declares Igor Zhovkva. He took the opportunity to thank France for these actions in support of Ukraine.

Anthony Audureau with AFP

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