USA. Who is Frank James, the man in his 60s who injured 23 people on the New York subway?

The man suspected of shooting on the New York subway during Tuesday morning rush hour was arrested more than 24 hours after the incident: Frank James, a 62-year-old African-American, was arrested Wednesday in Manhattan’s East Village .

The results of Tuesday’s attack are both horrifying and miraculous: 23 wounded, including 10 by firearms, but no deaths. Frank James will have to answer for the “terrorist attack” prosecution.

What happened on Tuesday?

Shortly after 8:30 a.m. Tuesday in the heart of New York, on a crowded N Line train, a man in a gas mask lit two smoke bombs on the train, before shooting at passengers. passengers.

The events occurred moments before the train arrived at the 36th Street station, in the south of the New York district of Brooklyn.

The authorities will then count the firing of 33 projectiles. A total of 23 people were injured in the attack, 10 of whom were shot. Several teenagers are among the victims.

We were very lucky it didn’t get much worse.

New York City Police Chief Keechant Sewell

The attack came as New York was facing a rise in crime since the covid-19 pandemic: the number of homicides increased by 50%, from 319 in 2019 to 488 in 2021. Their number remains well below records from the 1990s. when there were more than 2,000 each year.

Shootings have also increased sharply since the start of the year, with 296 in the first quarter of 2022, compared to 260 for the same period in 2021.

Who is the suspect in the attack?

Quickly after the fact, the shooter managed to get off the train and then out of the subway station. But law enforcement quickly identified him: In addition to CCTV footage, he lost or left a credit card in his name at the scene of the shooting: Frank Robert James, born in New York 62 years ago.

The suspect also left behind a rental truck key, a Glock pistol, three magazines, a small ax and “unfired” explosives, police said.

A fluorescent orange vest, which the suspect was wearing at the time according to surveillance video, was also quickly found.

His photo immediately circulated widely on social media, and dozens of policemen launched a real manhunt.

The police also had anthropometric photos of the suspect, who had already been arrested at least 12 times in New York or in the neighboring state of New Jersey.

Until now, he had been preoccupied with acts of a sexual nature, theft, or disturbance of public order. But he’s never been convicted of a felony in New York state, so he got a gun with no problem.

Frank James, 62, was very active on social media. He feeds a YouTube channel called “prophetoftruth88”-or “prophet of truth”. Google shut it down on Wednesday for “violating the rules” of the site.

What did we see in your videos?

He posted openly racist, homophobic and sexist videos there, and denounced the insecurity in New York since the election of Mayor Eric Adams, a recurring target of James.

He advocated black nationalist theories and hinted that a race war between blacks and whites was imminent.

He also repeatedly mentioned his own mental disorders.

The last video posted before Tuesday’s shooting showed suspect Frank James anticipating his planned shooting.

According to CNN, which had access to the footage, he said he “went through a lot of bullshit, where I can tell he wanted to kill people.” I wanted to see people die right in front of my eyes right away. But I thought about the fact that, hey her, I don’t want to go to a fucking prison.” Words that seemed to mean that she had no intention of acting.

But shortly after those words, he concluded the video by saying, “We need to see more mass shootings. Yes… We need to see more. »

What does Frank James risk?

Frank James was finally arrested just over 24 hours after the incident. In the first hours of the investigation, the qualification of terrorist had not been accepted by the courts.

Featured in court on Thursday, Frank James is now being prosecuted at the federal level for an act of terrorism and has been taken into custody.

His lawyers demanded a psychiatric report and release on bail as soon as possible.

The defendant’s attack was premeditated, carefully planned and spread terror among the victims and throughout our city.

Sara Winik, Assistant United States Attorney

For his part, Frank James made no statement in court other than to say that he acknowledged and understood the charges against him.

If convicted, the New York native faces “life in prison,” prosecutor Breon Peace said.

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