Anne-Sophie Lapix excluded from the debate between the two rounds, Léa Salamé reacts to the controversy and gives her opinion on her colleague from France 2

Léa Salamé and Gilles Bouleau will lead the debate between the two rounds of the presidential election. Anne-Sophie Lapix’s name was ruled out from the start by the two finalists on the ballot. in the columns of Parisianthe co-host ofWe are live reacted to this controversial decision.

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On Wednesday, April 20, Marina LePen et immanuel macron will meet for the second time during the debate between the two rounds of the presidential election, which will be broadcast on TF1 and France 2. Gilles Bouleau and Léa Salamé were appointed by both sides to referee this confrontation. On the other hand, the name ofAnne-Sophie Lapixwho hosts the France 2 newscast, was immediately fired, because considered too critical by both parties. “Marine Le Pen does not want Anne-Sophie Lapix to lead the debate”had affirmed jordan bardellathe interim president of the National Rally on the set of Time for the professionals. “He can’t hide his hostility towards Marine Le Pen every time he receives her.” had specified, adding “mEven Emmanuel Macron doesn’t want Anne-Sophie Lapix to take up the debate.”

A choice that has aroused much criticism

If the main interested party has not spoken publicly on the subject, it has aroused many reactions. “It’s very difficult for her”, the relatives of the journalist told the magazine telerama. But Anne-Sophie Lapix can count on the support of France Televisions. “I am lucky to have an independent journalist, and no one is going to impose me on anyone (…) Criticism only reinforces it“, Estimated its president, Delphine Ernotte, dismissing all rumors of a departure from the group. Jean-Michel Aphatie he had, he, pushed a diatribe against this decision. “Banning Lapix or Tartempion is petty, ridiculous. Macron and Le Pen act like wrens,” got upset asked by the parisianthis time it was Gille Bouleau and Léa Salamé who defended their colleague.

“We talked at length this week,” Léa Salamé reveals about Anne-Sophie Lapix

The TF1 JT presenter said he was shocked by Jordan Bardella’s words. “This is not what I perceived in the interviews that Anne-Sophie conducted”responded about an alleged hostility of the journalist towards the RN candidate. “If you have an opinion, that’s fine. But for him to declare it publicly, that seems a little more disturbing to me.” he continues. The same story on the side of Léa Salamé. “It bothered me too. It is not up to politicians to give journalists a good or bad point on a TV set”, he points out. Before defending his France 2 colleague with whom he worked elysium 202two. “She put herself in danger by agreeing to participate in this political program when she was not required to do so. In addition to being an excellent journalist, she is a brave and upright woman. We talked at length this week., she explains. She also denies being “Plan B” for discussion “I do not feel that it has been a second fiddle in this campaign”she points out.

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