Christophe Urios (UBB): “This red card is serious”

Christophe Urios (coach of Bordeaux-Bègles after loss to Stade Rochelais and elimination from the European Cup): “I am satisfied with the behavior of the team. I thought we played as a team. Rochelais helped us because they didn’t have a good start to the match, it was linked to the context of the match. There’s this turning point, this red card (inflicted on Vaipulu), which is serious. It is part of my refereeing incompetence. A blow to the shoulder is foul play, but it’s not dangerous. There is speed, yes. But when Lesgourgues gets hit on the head, I’m told it’s less unfair. From the moment you touch the head area, it’s red! So I have a form of misunderstanding. I would have liked us to play 15 in this game. Throughout the series, we were not refereed well. Then we had problems at the beginning of the second half. We take two tries too easily. Later, at the end of the match, we were better, we should have scored one more try. I had defined the founding act to my players, they responded present. Even if the players are disappointed, we will dive into top 14 Two important games are coming up. The fifteen-day break in May will do us good. »

“We have our eyes set on the final sprint”

Mahamadou Diaby (captain of Bordeaux-Bègles): “When we put the mood, we see that it is not the same game. The red card complicated our task, but we saw something else in the mood. It is a step forward. The story of our season is not limited to this elimination from the European Cup. We are having a good season. We have our eyes on the final sprint. We learn from our mistakes. This European campaign has been difficult. But you have to know how to appreciate these moments. It is in these moments when we can tighten a group for the end of the season that promises to be complicated, but crucial. After difficulty will come ease. We didn’t get 60 points, so it will be easier to get back to work on Monday. »

Nans Ducuing (back of Bordeaux-Bègles): “At 15 against 15, La Rochelle is already a formidable team, so at 14 that didn’t help us. We wanted to show our character and honor the jersey. This is another big disappointment. We are not in the nails, it hurts, we did not achieve the goals. But we did not give up. You have to use it to get back into the Top 14. We wanted a foundation act because we missed it last week, trying to do the feat. They were damaged. The first half is in our favor (3-6), but we cannot be satisfied with that. Disappointment prevails. In the Top 14 we are still in second place. We want to return to a positive dynamic. We’re in trouble, but we’ll get through it. We still have realism issues. It is probably related to a lack of confidence that would allow us to switch to the right side. This trilogy against Stade Rochelais will have hurt us. But we will not fall into disaster. »

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