Dounia Coesens (Most beautiful life) unrecognizable, an abuse of cosmetic surgery?

Did Dounia Coesens get on the pool table? In fact, everyone wonders if the actress from more beautiful life undergone surgery aesthetic following a post in your story Instagram. Indeed, a photo that we reveal below and that shocked Internet users. We reveal the snapshot he took in the middle of filming the Serie televised.

More beautiful life: end clap!

As you know, rumors have been circulating for some time that the telenovela more beautiful life Coming to an end. Indeed, at the end of this year, it is the final and definitive applause for the inhabitants of the Mistral. It is a huge surprise and disappointment for fans and comedians alike. In fact, after 18 seasons, 18 years, viewers have become attached to the adventures of the characters. Well, they’re going to have to deal with that and switch shows. This is not what is missing! In any case, the actors and actresses had to fix themselves at some point.

In fact, everyone heard the news. suite room to an article of Figaro. In February, journalists declared that the management of more beautiful life had made the decision to stop the popular series of France 3. No one noticed, it’s panic. Everyone asked a lot of questions and the suspense lasted for many months. The actors did not know if the series was going to end suddenly, if they had time to turn around or if they were going to be out of work overnight. Also, when you find out in the press that you may lose your job, there is enough to stress you out. Some even talked about it during the Canneseries.

The producers decided to take their time to complete more beautiful life in good condition, either it is for fans and comedians. So they asked key characters in the series to help them say goodbye properly. In the lot, we cannot forget Dounia Coesens, who played the role of Johanna Marci in the first seasons of the series.

Dounia Coesens returns in more beautiful life ?

Ambroise Michel, also known as Rudy Torres, recently trusted the Jordan Deluxe program. During the interview, the comedian confessed that he returned to the program, but it was more because include the series in the rules. An opportunity to fire the spectators. This is also the case for Aurélie Vaneck, Coline d’Inca and Dounia Coesens. Indeed, all will make an appearance in the telenovela. more beautiful life to please the public. In addition, Dounia Coesens shared during this same period a Photo in its history Instagram that did not go unnoticed. In fact, in the photo, she reveals herself with very sensual lips… Has she succumbed to cosmetic surgery? In any case, the result does not seem to please her community…

A joke on the Web!

Rest easy, it seems, the swollen lips of the former actress of more beautiful life they do not represent the reality. The young woman used a filter that made her mouth triple the size of hers. She shared this photo on her story with Elodie Varlet. Dounia Coesens writes in the legend that she loved the natural! Check out the post below! The discrepancy between her words and her shot is quite hilarious.

@Instagram Dounia Coessens

Anyway, fans of more beautiful life they will have the pleasure of seeing her for the last time in their favorite television series. We still don’t know her scenario and what will happen, but she will be present to say goodbye to the spectators.

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