Florent Pagny collapsed, Nikos Aliagas breaks the silence

A special season for Florent Pagny

Between June and Morgane, the choice is difficult for Florent Pagny. Finally, the singer decides to stay Morgan to accompany him on the rest of the adventure. But at the time of eliminating June, he can’t hide her sadness, he regrets hurting the talented young singer. “I’m in a particular season,” he explains then. ” In fact, there are many rare talents. And I have a lot of weird talent on my team. I am drawn to this strangeness.” he said, through tears. It’s Morgane’s strangeness that takes over: “You have a real natural emotion.”

Right after the broadcast of the episode (as a reminder, the battles are not live but recorded), host Nikos Aliagas decided to pay a very personal tribute to the coach of La Voz. He thus shared on Twitter a black and white photograph of the artist (registered trademark of the host of 50 minutes Inside) and wrote the following words: “ That we love you brother (brother in Spanish, editor’s note)« .

Florent Pagny struck by illness

Difficult not to see in Florent Pagny’s tears and his words (“particular season”) references to his illness. Because it was during the recording of La Voz that the singer found out that she had an inoperable tumor in her lungs. Amel Bent remembers with emotion the day the trainers found out the news:

​​“We were with him, of course. It’s a bit exciting… Because it’s true that it wasn’t easy. But what I remember is that my friend Florent Pagny, in reality he is a warrior and that he returned there because he is the Taulier”.

At that time, the singer decided not to talk about his illness and preferred to find out more and know exactly how he should continue. But it is when he realizes that he will not be able to take on his 60th birthday tour that he decides to break the silence, and tell his fans the whole truth: « I have just been diagnosed with a lung tumoran unsympathetic cancerous tumor that cannot be operated on » says on social media. If the news worries, the one who sings My freedom of thought does not go away less optimistic : ” take care, be well, when all this is fixed, we will meet again, I will come to finish what I started, maybe it is for the 61-year tour.

The artist intends to continue his career and return to scene to meet your audience once more. And for that he knows that he must undergo a strong treatment of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. On television, for the program Unis pour l’Ukraine, Florent Pagny appeared with a shaved head, a characteristic sign of having started cancer treatment.. And just because you’re sick doesn’t mean bill stay home, quite the opposite: When I got this message asking if I would be fit enough to come and support Ukraine, to get attention and ask for donations… Well, yes, yes, I’ll be there. i can still sing« .

The puzzle for the production of La Voz

La Voz is an expensive show and nothing can be left to chance. If everyone expects Florent Pagny to be in a position to secure the direct, he treats it hard, everyone knows it. Therefore, the production prepares for the idea that the singer cannot sit in his red chair.. Therefore, a luxury replacement has been found in the person of Patrick Fiori. Yes, and only if Florent Pagny isn’t fit enough to play his part, it will be his fellow singer who will take over.

Louane was on his side scheduled to replace Amel Bent should the young mother give birth at the time of the live broadcasts. But the singer gave birth her third child a few days ago, so she should be able to play her part.

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