Foot PSG – PSG: Donnarumma sent back to AC Milan, the crazy rumour!

With a contract with PSG until 2026, Gianluigi Donnarumma had had a perfect season with the French club until his big dumpling against Real Madrid. His future is tied to Leonardo, and he returns the name to AC Milan.

Until March 9 no one doubted that Paris Saint-Germain had carried out an excellent operation by acquiring the services of Gianluigi Donnarumma, free since the end of his contract with AC Milan. European champion last summer with Italy, the signing of the Italian giant was thanks to Leonardo, who had convinced Mino Raiolo and his player to sign for PSG despite competition from Keylor Navas. But this famous March 9, 2022, Gigio Donnarumma ruled against Karim Benzema, and his world came crashing down. Clearly committed to the Parisian elimination against Madrid, the 23-year-old goalkeeper has been attacked from everywhere, and especially from his country, where the Milan fans still accuse him of being a “mercenary” who betrayed the Rossoneri to give in to Qatari money. . And as if that wasn’t enough, the Italian side were ingloriously eliminated in the World Cup race, with Donnarumma’s responsibility for North Macedonia’s play-off goal somewhat compromised.

Donnarumma back in a Milan shirt?

Back in Paris, Gianluigi Donnarumma regained the trust of Mauricio Pochettino, although throughout the season the Argentine coach was forced to manage a fierce competition between the Italian goalkeeper and Keylor Navas. What he did not want when the 2021 transfer window was studied. Although Donnarumma represents the future, his future at Paris Saint-Germain is linked to that of Leonardo, according to the newspaper L’Equipe this Sunday. ” If a new coach arrives, if the sports director Leonardo lands (who brought Donnarumma after winning the European Championship with Italy), the cards will necessarily be shuffled. At the time of the balance, the ball of the Italian in the Bernabéu could also weigh. Finally, we will have to see what the main stakeholders say, who are not very excited about the idea of ​​doing it again. Italy dreams of the return of ‘Gigio’ to Milan, with the financial power of its probable future shareholder, an investment fund based in Bahrain “, specifies the medium, thus opening the door to a new revolution. It is true that the leader of Serie A could quickly have colossal financial means and, therefore, invest in the transfer window.

It is clear that Keylor Navas, who is involved in 2024 with PSG, does not do well to see this concurrence that is not available beforehand, and that the Costa Rican portier is in a position to demand a good deal if nothing changes. Nasser Al-Khelaifi will therefore have one more problem to manage during the next transfer window, although Paris’s Qatari president will already have to find a new coach, all while he tries to negotiate the extension of Kylian Mbappe. The nights of the boss of Paris Saint-Germain must be short, and not only to find out who of Donnarumma or Navas will have to leave his club during the next transfer market.

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