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Put on track by their rivals’ serious shortcomings, Olympique Lyonnais shook off their European disappointment by beating Bordeaux 6-1 in Ligue 1 on Sunday to return to the race for Europe.

Game, set and match for Lyon - D

Toko-Ekambi and Dembl each scored a brace.

Three days after their European fiasco against West Ham (0-3), Olympique Lyonnais recovered perfectly to face their ideal rival, Bordeaux, corrected this Sunday by 6-1 on the occasion of matchday 32 of the Ligue one.

Well aided by the Gruyre defense of the Girondins, Les Gones regained hope in the race for Europe by moving up to 8th place, 4 points behind 5th Strasbourg.

Bordeaux collapses in 14 minutes

In a deafening Groupama Stadium due to the ultras’ goal, Peter Bosz’s men seriously entered the game against a very defensive opponent. However, all of this lacked the madness to destabilize a well-established Aquitaine rearguard and Les Gones were flagged for offside in their own situations.

But a moment of distraction was enough for Dembl to have full freedom to open the scoring with a header (1-0, 20′). The worm was in the fruit and the Bordeaux defense fell back into its old demons. Including his goalkeeper, Poussin, who committed the irreparable by failing to clear him to offer the second goal in a Toko-Ekambi plateau (2-0, 27). What a joke goal! And after that he didn’t improve… After a lack of inspiration from the goalkeeper in a corner, Paquetá nailed the nail with precision (3-0, 34 ‘).

Faivre brand in the commitment!

In agony, the 19th in the standings was no longer on his game and it only took 10 seconds after the start of the second half to see Faivre go there from his goal with a beautiful sequence (4-0, 46th)! If the post opposed Henrique’s attempt, the Lyon native spread out and Toko-Ekambi, shot deep by Reine-Adlade, added to the scoreboard signing a brace (5-0, 68th).

However, the grip loosened in the last 20 minutes, David Guion’s men finally managed to chain the passes and Mara took the opportunity to save the honor in a penalty obtained against Da Silva (5-1, 85th). Despite a great relaxation from Lyon, Dembl also offered himself a double in added time, taking advantage of a good job by Barcola (6-1, 90º+2).

The match score: 6.5/10

We had goals in abundance, we weren’t bored, but we must admit that the standards of failure in Bordeaux made OL’s job a lot easier, that he didn’t really have to force it. Due to the strike of the ultras, the atmosphere in the Groupama Stadium was limited to the bedroom of the Bordeaux goalkeeper…

The objectives :

– Right back, Gusto has all the space to adjust his center. In the box, Dembl overtook Medioub and took over with a cross header that Poussin could only touch with the tips of his fingers (1-0, 20′).

– Complicated by a backwards pass from Mensah, Poussin rushes in and misses his clearance. Lob, the ball hits the far post Toko-Ekambi who heads into the empty net (2-0, 27′).

– In a corner, Poussin tries to get out but without being able to get hold of the ball. The leather arrives at Tete. As he entered the surface he overtook Paquetá who scored with an accurate low shot from the left to the ground (3-0, 34′).

– On the engagement, Dembl deposited Medioub and centers for Faivre who took advantage of Ahmedhodzic’s waiting attitude to superbly chain chest control and recovery in the skylight (4-0, 46th).

– Perfectly shot by Reine-Adlade, Toko-Ekambi resists Ahmedhodzic and beats Poussin, who left their match, with a small shot from the right (5-0, 68th).

– Hooked by Da Silva’s late foot, Mara earns a penalty that converts by hitting Pollersbeck in the foot (5-1, 85th).

– Barcola infiltrates the axis and serves Dembl, who finishes from the surface (6-1, 90+2).

Players NOTES

Maxifoot has assigned a score (out of 10) comments to each player.

Man of the match: Moussa Dembl (8/10)

It was necessary to wait until the last moments, but the striker also got a deserved brace after being denied two goals! The OL captain then took advantage of a small number from Barcola to score the last goal of the afternoon. Le Gone also made a good copy in the game with his incessant calls and his advances that hurt the Bordeaux defense.


Julian Pollersbeck (6) : new headline in the absence of Lopes, the usual number two has been having a very quiet evening for some time. But the Bordeaux gave him more work during the last half hour. Although he charged against the penalty, the goalkeeper rather gave satisfaction by making 4 saves.

Bad Taste (7) : His impeccable center to Dembl allows to unblock the situation for OL. Behind, the right side knew how to take advantage of the paths left by the opposing defense to project at will and set fire. Replace minute 65 with Emerson (not not).

Damien DaSilva (6.5) : Started at the last minute after Denayer’s retirement, the central defender has long achieved the perfect match, the image of his saving tackle against Hwang who turned towards goal. But the former Rennais tarnished his record with his unsuccessful intervention that offered up a Bordeaux penalty.

Lukeba Castle (6) : not very busy in this game, the central defender did not have a great job to do and most of the time he repelled the danger thanks to his good positioning.

Henry (6) : Emerson preferred, the left back spent the match attacking. The Brazilian showed great activity in his lane and offered an interesting match that could have been boosted with a goal, but his recovery hit the post.

Luke Pack (6.5) : The attacking midfielder didn’t need to strain his talents to enhance OL’s play and he wasn’t omnipresent either. But the Brazilian did his part, showing his precision to score the 3rd goal, while he was solid in duels. Replace minute 65 with Houssem Aouar (no no).

Thiago Mendes (6.5) : little hurry, the midfielder was able to play his hand. The former Lille resident did not hesitate to try out some technical gestures to amuse himself during this demo. Replace minute 85 with .

Romain Faivre (7) : author of a superb sequence on his goal, the attacking midfielder made an interesting copy and distilled good balls, the image of his center on Henrique’s post. An encouraging game. Replace minute 65 with Jeff Reine-Adelaide (no no)decisive passer for Toko-Ekambi.

Teth (5) : The Ukraine debutant is still visibly lacking in rhythm and the Brazilian will have been one of the less visible Lyonnais in this match. Rejection of a shot that resulted in a disallowed goal for Dembl, good work on Paquetá’s goal and otherwise little to report to the winger, who was not successful in his dribbling. Replace minute 73 with Bradley Barcola (no no)Decisive passer for Dembl.

Moussa Dembl (8) : read the comment above.

Karl Toko Ekambi (7.5) : author of a brace, the striker embodied the opportunism of OL in the face of gross errors by the Bordeaux players. The Cameroonian took advantage of a blunder by Poussin to score the 2-0 goal and then made him speak at his speed to put the 5th. A certain technical extravagance in the last pass and in two good situations against Poussin temper his balance, however.


Gatán Chick (1) : his failed clearance will go around, but above all it will sink the head of his team, which was only losing 1-0. The Bordeaux goalkeeper also bears a large part of the responsibility for the third goal with his dangerous exit. He escaped to zero points thanks to three saves from him and some brave runs at the feet of opposing attackers during the second half.

Anel Ahmedhodzic (3) : Like his bizarre leap over Faivre’s goal, the central defender lacked aggressiveness against opposing attackers and he, too, has his share of the blame for this fiasco.

Abdel Medioub (2) : after Poussin, the central defender is without a doubt the man from Bordeaux who needed the most this Sunday. Dembl made him live a nightmare, both in the first game, where he takes away his speed, and in Faivre’s goal, when he puts it to the wind. Too slow, the Algerian overcame despite the imposing physique of him that helped him in certain situations. Replace minute 85 with Fransgio (no no).

Richard Sleeves (4) : Unlike his defensive teammates, the Portuguese did not make any blunders, but weighed too little and did not reassure either. We especially saw him spend the meeting protesting, to no avail.

Tom Lacoux (3) : The right piston in general had a nightmare against Toko-Ekambi, who put it to the wind several times. The Bordeaux also resented several centers on the other side. Replace minute 73 with Enoch Kwateng (no no).

J. Onana (3) : Guilty of a failed pass that resulted in Lyon’s last goal, the midfielder will not have escaped his team’s fiasco…

Joshua Guilavogui (4) : With a header just wide, the midfielder achieves the first situation of the match. Behind, the Habs did not have the expected leading attitude.

Gideon Mensah (3) : Poussin makes the blunder on the second goal but it must be admitted that the left piston did not help his goalkeeper by giving him a back pass that put him in trouble. An action that well illustrates Ghana’s unfortunate tendency to play backwards this Sunday.

Yacine Adli (3) : Preferred Dilrosun, the attacking midfielder did not justify the choice of his coach and spent most of the match playing with his head. Replace minute 64 with Rmi Oudin (not mentioned).

M’Baye Niang (4) : Renewed, the attacker lived a very complicated encounter, without ammunition to put under the tooth. The former Rennais did try to sound the revolt before the break. In vain. Replace minute 64 with Javairo Dilrosun (no no).

Eui-Jo Hwang (4.5) : The South Korean tried to keep the ball to give his team some breathing space and played quite well on some counterattacks, but the striker was too lonely. Replace minute 73 with Skou Mara (no no)author of an entrance full of energy and rewarded with his penalty goal that he himself scored.

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LYONS 6-1 BORDEAUX (my-tps: 3-0) – FRANCE – Ligue 1 / Matchday 32
Stadium: Groupama Stadium, Lyon – Referee: Florent Batta, France

buts : M. Dembl (20e) K.Toko Ekambi (27e) Lucas Package (34e) R.Faivre (46e) K.Toko Ekambi (68e) M. Dembl (90+1º) for LYONSS.Mara (84, pen.) for BORDEAUX
warnings :

LYONS : J. PollersbeckD. Da Silva, c lukebaM. Taste (Emerson65e), HenriqueR.Faivre (J. Reine-Adlade65e), thiago mendes (J.Boateng85e), Lucas Package (H. Aouar65e)Teth (B. Barcola73e), M. Dembl, K.Toko Ekambi

BORDEAUX : G. PoussinA. Ahmedhodzic, A. Medioub (Francisco85e), Richard SleevesJ.Onana, J. GuilavoguiT. Lacoux (E.Kwateng73e), G. MensahY.Adli (R. Oudin64e)m niang (J. Dilrosun64e), Hwang Ui-jo (S.Mara73e)

Toko-Ekambi penalized Poussin’s mistake.

Hard day for Bordeaux and Guilvaogui.

Lyonnais was played in front of few stands.

Mara sounded the riot and reduced the score.

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